ZoMei Z818 Portable Travel Tripod Review

Last updated on February 9th, 2021

ZoMei Z818 Portable Travel Tripod Review

Top priority for Tripod

If I need a tripod for a specific purpose, Zomei will be my first choice – Steven

One of the things that sets a professional photographer apart from an amateur is excellent gear. In Addition, just because you have a high-end camera doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a pro. A photographer who has experience and who really knows his craft.  Understands not only how to work a camera, he also knows which equipment.is used. And accessories will help him improve as a craftsman.

In photography, one key item of equipment that plays a major role in capturing amazing pictures is the tripod. It is especially helpful for beginners who are yet to learn the mechanics of capturing steady,  and moving subjects.

Tripods come in different makes and models, but their main function is to provide stability, and also convenience when taking pictures. There are a lot of brands available on the market, and each has unique properties that are exclusive to their brand. One example is the ZoMei Z818 Portable Travel Tripod, which is one of the best-selling tripod units on the market.


The ZoMei Z818 Portable Travel Tripod is popular because of its very reasonable price—but not only that. It has a set of features that definitely justifies why it’s one of the top products on the market.

  • Compact and lightweight—Allows 180° fold for space saving and maximum portability
  • High-quality materials for construction—Magnesium and aluminum alloy tube with anti-corrosion features
  • Flexible and convenient—Three-leg angle Tripod allows flexibility and convenience especially on irregular surface areas
  • Column hook added for maximum stability
  • Easy adjustment with the separate head and pan lock
  • The 2-in-1 not only multi functional tripod but also works as a monopod

ZoMei Z818 Pros

There are a lot of products marketed as multi-functional tripods likewise, which barely work as one. The ZoMei Z818 Portable Travel Tripod is different because it works beautifully as a tripod. Provides excellent shots as a monopod as well. It is sturdy enough to hold large cameras. Especially those used for sports shots and outdoor photography too.

It is made of excellent quality alloy, which is combined magnesium and aluminum that went through an anodic oxidation process to maximize its anti-corrosion property. This makes it ideal for not only indoor but also outdoor photography. Furthermore, you can use it without worrying about it getting damaged sooner than it’s supposed to.

The best asset of a travel tripod is its portability, and with the material for construction and the overall design of the tripod, it is extra lighter and more compact. Its tripod legs can be inverted and arranged by folding it back 180°, resulting in a compact size of 18”.

It is definitely a space saver and, it’s convenient to carry around, especially outdoors. Setting it up is easy as well. It has a quick-release mounting plate and rotating leg locks. On top of that, it looks sleek and stylish with its blue and black color scheme.

ZoMei Z818 Cons

It might need some getting used to setting it up on irregular surfaces.


Affordable tripods which have excellent qualities are hard to come by, and the ZoMei Z818 Portable Travel Tripod is definitely a rare find. Compared to the MeFOTO Carbon Fiber Globetrotter Travel Tripod, it is more affordable.

Moreover this tripod is superior in term of quality, usage and materials. Furthermore, latter is actually four times more expensive than the ZoMei Z818. If you’re looking for a tripod with a decent quality at a much more affordable price, this tripod is for you.

 ZoMei Z818

MeFoto Carbon Fiber

Superior Quality
Easily Adjustable




Considering the hundreds of makes and models of travel tripods, it can be really hard to pinpoint which is the best. The ZoMei Z818 Portable Travel Tripod and oben at-3535 is one of the items that exhibit the properties of the best tripod you can possibly use.

First of all, it was designed to provide maximum convenience for photographers. Easy set-up, even for beginners, is definitely a great feature. You can easily adjust the legs of this tripod. It’s sturdy enough to support even large cameras which are usually used for outdoor photography. With its lightweight and space-saving construction, it is easier to carry around and use outdoors.

The materials used for its construction are extremely durable and have been proven over time. The look is sleek and stylish. With its very reasonable price, there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want this Lightweight Tripod added to your photography kit.

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