A Standard Tripod; Velbon 7000 Standard Photo/Video Tripod Review

If you are a newbie and choose photography as a profession then try to use the best tripod to get the best results. In photography, you have to use perfect tools and tripod is one the important tool in the photography world. There is a huge verity of tripods are available in the market. Thus, you have to select a good quality tripod of your choice. Moreover, you can find different types of tripods in the market introduced by different tripod brands. Velbon 7000 standard photo/video tripod is one of the good quality tripods.

Tripod is a three-legged stand which allows the great stability to your device; thus, you can get the perfect sharp images or good quality videos every time. Always buy a quality tripod because a quality tripod is able to carry your heavy devices safely. Moreover, a tripod with strong tripod legs ensures the great stability of your device on uneven surfaces. If you want a quality result every time then uses a good quality tripod with good quality tripod accessories.  However, the selection of the tripod depends on the necessity of your work.

It is very important to know about the quality, features and load capacity of the tripod before buying it. Thus, if you buy a tripod without knowing its functions or quality you may face some difficulties of problems using it. To know about the tripod that you want to buy simply visit your nearest tripod store; however, if you don’t want to go out you can also visit Amazon and read about the product in you are interested. There is a huge verity of tripods are available by different tripod brands are available at different tripod cost. So you can a tripod that is affordable and best for you.

A Lightweight Tripod: Velbon 7000 Standard photo/video Tripod

As you know that the tripods have become a very famous tool in the photography world. Whether it’s a professional photographer or a non-professional photographer every one love to do a photo shoot with a tripod. Moreover, a tripod is very convenient and allows you to get the perfect results every time you use it. If you are a newcomer in the photography world and want to buy a quality tripod then simply buy Velbon 7000 Standard Photo/Video Tripod. It is a tripod that every newcomer loves to use because it is a tripod which is very simple to use.

Moreover, the tripod cost is also an issue because most of the good quality tripods are very expensive. It is a tripod that you can buy at an affordable price or if you can afford the new one then you can also buy the used camera tripods; thus, you can enjoy the same features of an expensive tripod in fewer price. Always try to buy a tripod that has strong tripod legs because it will allow the great stability to your device.

If you love travelling to love to capture adventurous images then buy good quality and a best lightweight tripod. Compact size and lightweight tripod are always convenient for travellers because they can easily carry it on their trips with them. Moreover, you can use a lightweight tripod in both indoor and outdoor shooting easily because they are easy to carry. The best tripod always delivers you the amazing results that you want to have. Velbon 7000 standard photo/video tripod is one of those tripods that will never disappoint you. In this article, we have tried our best to provide information about this product.


  • Velbon 7000 standard photo/video tripod is an aluminium tripod. Every traveller wants the best lightweight tripod and this tripod is one of them. It is a lightweight tripod which weighs only 3.15lbs. So you can easily carry this tripod with you anywhere to capture perfect sharp images or make good quality videos.
  • The tripod has a fluid-head which allows the smooth movement to your device. You can enjoy your photo shoot and get the perfect results with the smooth movement of your device.
  • The maximum operating height of this tripod is 59.5 inches. Moreover, the folded height of this tripod is 22.8 inches. This tripod has a quick lever leg logs which help you to adjust the height of this tripod.
  • It has a quick release plate which allows you to attach and detach your device in no time. Moreover, the rubber feet of this tripod allows the strong stability to your device even on slippery surfaces.
  • This tripod has a gear operated centre column with angled gear teeth.

      Velbon 7000 Standard Photo/Video Tripod

Velbon 7000 Standard PhotoVideo Tripod

“It is a lightweight tripod which is easy to carry. Sturdy for my device.”

An Amazing Tripod: Velbon 7000 Standard Photo/video Tripod Review

No one likes the blur images or shaky videos. To get the blur-free images and good quality videos you should use a sturdy tripod which also has great features. Moreover, it is very important that you should use good quality tripod accessories with your tripod which will allow you to get the perfect quality results.  Velbon 7000 standard photo/video tripod is an amazing tripod and you will love you this tripod after having the quality results with this tripod.

A photographer always prefers to buy a quality tripod which should also be light in weight. A lightweight tripod is easy to carry when you shoot outdoor. Velbon 7000 standard photo/video tripod is very simple to use. It has no complicated settings so anyone can easily operate this tripod to get a quality result.


Velbon 7000 standard photo/video tripod is one of the best tripods. It is a tripod which helps you to make quality videos and perfect sharp images. You can buy this tripod at a reasonable price. Moreover, it is a sturdy tripod so you don’t have to worry about the quality results of your work. This tripod has rubber feet so you can also use it on slippery surfaces without any problem.

Moreover, you can adjust the height of this tripod according to your desired height. There are many different tripods are available at different prices. If you want to use an expensive tripod but can’t afford it; thus, don’t worry Amazon is a place where you can buy used camera tripods in a good condition. For more related articles please do visit our website www.Mytraveltripod.com.

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