Universal Quick Release QR Plate Tripod Head for Velbon CX-444 CX-888 CX-460 CX-460mini CX-470 CX-570 CX-690 DF-50/ SONY VCT-D580RM VCT-D680RM VCT-R640 / QB-4W

The quick release plate is the most important part of the tripod. Without this plate one cannot attach the camera device with the tripod. It is to be attached with the tripod and at the other end the camera device is attached. Furthermore, its basic function is to have strong grip on the device and t makes sure that the camera device does not fall and get damaged. Moreover, it ensures that the movement of the tripod becomes easier with the help of quick release plate. However, it is very important to know that the quick release plate must be of high-quality. By high-quality, it means, it should have the ability to hold the camera device firmly. If not, then you have to bear the consequences. Therefore, you should always opt for the quick release plate that must have the capability to hold the camera tightly.

Furthermore, the quick release plate must be well suited with the tripod to be connected with. The reason is quite as it shall keep the device stable and it shall provide maximum of the stability. In addition, it makes the removal and attachment of the camera device to the tripod quite convenient and does it without wasting even a second. Thus, it is wise to purchase the high-quality quick release plate to ensure the high-quality in your work as a profession.


The best quick release plate is mentioned below along with its phenomenal features. Furthermore, this product is composed of high-quality material and comes in with budget-friendly price. The best thing about this product is its reviews from the customers are positive as well. Thus, you shall not have to worry whether the product below is worthy to invest your money or not. You can easily scrutinise by looking at the reviews and features as mentioned.

Introduction: QR plates are attached to the tripod base of your camera for fast and to quickly and quick attach and detach the camera to a best tripod head. Additional QR plates allow easy replacement of more than and camera plus same tripod and other Accessories.

The QR label is designed for use with Velbon PH-249Q Cylinder Head Tripods and CX-444 / CX-460 Mini / CX-Compact / CX-888 Tripods. Suitable for: Velbon CX-444, CX-888, bes CX-460, CX- 460mini, CX- 470, CX-570, CX-690, DF-50 SONY VCT-D580RM, VCT-D680RM, VCT-R640 Dimensions: Size: length 66 mm (2.6 “) x width 52 mm (2.05”) Bottom Size: 44 mm (1.73 “) x 44 mm (1.73”) Weight: 23g Package included 1 x QR plate


Tripod is the basic tool for photography if selected in accordance to the work type and environment. The photographer must consider all the aspects like, surrounding, and photo shoot setup and camera device being used. Along with tripod, the other thing need to be selected prudently is the ball head tripod quick release. This accessory is attached at the top of the tripod. It allows the tripod to hold the camera firmly, and the photography shall not have to worry about dropping the device while moving from one place to another.

The next thing a photographer must keep in mind that the quick release plate being used must be manufactured with high-quality material. This shall help in strengthening the grip on the camera device. The other function that a quick release plate is good at is attaching and removing the camera device with the tripod. Hence, it does it in such efficiency that not time is wasted and the photographer shall only have to focus on his/ her creative work. One of the best quick release plates is mentioned above along with its specifications. So, do not forget to check it out and make your photography worth looking at.

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