TTL Off -Camera shoe Sync Cord for OLYMPUS FL-CB05 E-1 + Mini Tripod

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The E-TTL shoe cable on the outside of the camera contains all the flash functions of the camera (including the E-TTL II) for a SONY-compatible hot shoe, which is used outdoors from the camera at distances of up to 2 ‘ All OLYMPUS digital SLR cameras that use exclusive flash functions.
This cable has a sturdy 2 ‘spiral cable and includes a shoe holder on the bottom of the hot shoe and a 1/4 “-20 plug.
This affordable accessory is useful for camera images without flash photography that do not create dark shadows behind ordinary objects when using direct flash exposures.

This accessory has at one end a shoe that slides and locks on the shoe of the camera to prevent inadvertent removal of the shoe. You can stretch the accessory cable up to a length of 2 ‘and away from the camera to any degree of shooting to aim the flash at the subject you want to record.

Key Features
Highly resistant spiral cable
The Zeicos Off Camera Shoe Cord has been provided with the best seal against dust and moisture to better match the weatherproof design of the falsh camera. He also has a more robust foot now.
E-TTL Dedicated Hot Shoe Cord Spiral Extension Cord
for all OLYMPUS cameras and flash. Replacement for OLYMPUS FL-CB05
It extends to 2 feet.