Tripod without Center Column: Tripods with and without Center Column


Every photographer buys a tripod according to a need of its work, also with which they feel comfortable to work with.

There are many different types of tripods with different tripod accessories or tripod parts are available in the market. You can also buy a tripod without center column.

Some people think a tripod without center column is more sturdy than the tripod with the center column; however, most of the people think that it is just a myth. It’s totally up to you that with which type of tripod you want to use.

You can buy easily all type of camera tripod screw, camera tripod adapter and other camera tripod accessories and tripod parts of good quality from Amazon;

However, if you are willing to buy a tripod without center column then register your order here. If you want to buy tripod accessories or camera tripod parts separately then Amazon is the right place for you.

In this article we will try our best to describe the features and quality of the tripods with or without center column; thus, you can easily decide which type of tripod you really want to buy.





Fotopro Phone Tripod, 39.5 Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control

484 Customer Reviews

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BONFOTO B690A Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Camera Travel Portable Tripod

197 Customer Reviews

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A Tripod with Bluetooth Remote: Tripod without Center Column

Fotopro 39.5-inch camera tripod with Bluetooth remote is a tripod without center column. it is an aluminum camera tripod. You can buy this tripod at a very reasonable price from Amazon.

  • You can extend the height of this tripod to 39.5-inch. However, the folded height of this tripod is just 11-inch which makes it easy to carry it with you on your trips.
  • The weight of this tripod is 0.85lb which is 0.39kg. It is a very light tripod; thus, you can carry this tripod easily.
  • Moreover, for a quick open purpose, the legs of this tripod are designed sticking point type.
  • You can use Bluetooth remote when you are using this tripod with your Android or IOS smartphone. The Bluetooth remote really helps to get the perfect group photos with your family and friends.
  • Moreover, you can quickly connect your digital camera or smartphone with this tripod in no time with the help of the standard 14-inch screw quick-release plate.
  • This tripod is made up of aluminum and c
  • The load capacity of this tripod is 1 kg.

Fotopro Phone Tripod, 39.5 Inch Aluminum Camera                          Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control 

Tripod without Center Column

  • “The tripod is surprisingly light weighted. It would very convenient to take it anywhere. 
  • The quality seems to be good enough to support cell phone and normal size camera.
  • Very easy to pull out the legs and push them back in. Very satisfied with the purchase.”

A Tripod with a Center Column

Bonfoto B690A camera travel portable tripod is a tripod with a center column. This tripod is made of a good quality material. However, the features of this tripod are as described below.

  • This tripod has a center column hook which allows you to hang additional weight to make this tripod shuddered.
  • You can click photos from any angle with the help of its 360-degree horizontal swivel and 90-degree vertical platform with 3-way head.
  • Minimum height of this tripod is 510-mm which is 20.5-inch; however, it can be easily extended to its maximum height up to 1360-mm which is 53.5-inch.
  • Moreover, this tripod is made up of a good quality aluminum alloy. The folded height of this tripod is 370-mm which is 14.5-inch. However, this tripod is light in weight you can carry this tripod with you anywhere.
  • The load capacity of this tripod is 17.6lbs which is 8kg.
  • The quick-release mounting plate with standard ¼-inch screw allows quick attaching and detaching of your camera within seconds.

         BONFOTO B690A Lightweight Aluminum Alloy                                       Camera Travel Portable Tripod

Tripod without Center Column


In this article we have described the features of the tripod without center column and tripod with the center column; thus, it depends that with which kind of a tripod you want to work with.

However, you can buy any camera tripod parts, camera tripod accessories; thus, camera tripod adapter or camera tripod screw for any type of tripod you can easily buy them from Amazon at an affordable price with good quality.

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