Tripod Parts: Different Pats of Tripod and Their Features


Tripod is a very important tool for photography. The perfect tripod allows you to click images with perfection. The professional photographers know about each and every tripod parts and tripod accessories.

However, if you are not the professional photographer and want to have the perfect images and videos like the professional ones; thus, you have to know about all tripod accessories.

In tripod parts, the camera tripod accessories, camera tripod adapter, camera tripod screw, all are very important. Thus you should know about all these parts before buying and using them.

Every tripod has different types of accessories which are made of different quality material.

Thus, you should know about the quality and features of the legs, ball-head, leg locks, center column, and weight hook. However, all of these tripod parts are available in different quality in the market.

All camera accessories have a different task to perform. Thus, the camera tripod adapter helps to lift a weight of your camera.





Regetek 63″ Professional DSLR Camera Tripod

68 Customer Reviews

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Benro Mach3 3 Series Aluminum Tripod (TMA37AL)

44 Customer Reviews

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An Amazing Tripod under 100: Tripod Parts

Buying a tripod only for smartphones or a tripod just for the camera will make you use one thing with your tripod. However, buying the Regetek 63-inch camera tripod will make you from changing the tripod for different types of equipment.

You will love this camera tripod adapter.

  • This camera tripod screw helps you to lock the legs of the tripod.
  • Moreover, this tripod has a professional heavy duty ball-head. However, it has a two separate panning lock control knobs and also has a 360-degree panning range.
  • The minimum height of this tripod is 11.18-inch; however, it can be easily extended to the height of 63-inch.
  • It is a multifunctional tripod. You can use one leg of this tripod as a selfie stick.
  • This tripod has a 26.5-pound load capacity.
  • This tripod has a center hook which allows you to hang extra weight; thus, which will make this tripod more studded.
  • For height adjustment, this tripod has the column legs with flip-lock and twist-lock.
  • This tripod also includes the tripod adapter.
  • Almost all the tripod parts are made of metal.
  • This tripod is made of high-quality aluminum; moreover, it comes with a carry bag so you can carry your tripod on your trips safely.

          Regetek 63″ Professional DSLR Camera Tripod

Tripod Parts

Safe and Sturdy Tripod for Your Camera

If you want to buy a tripod without center column then buy the Benro Mach-3 series-3 (TMA37AL) tripod. A tripod without center column makes the tripod legs more study. This tripod has amazing features and made of good quality material.

  • The weight of this tripod is just5.2 lbs; however, this tripod can easily handle the weight up to 35.3 lbs.
  • The minimum height of this tripod is 16.1-inch; however, you can extend the height of this tripod up to 53.15-inch.
  • You can adjust the height of the legs of this tripod independently with the help of its twist locks.
  • You can attach any compatible tripod head with this tripod.
  • Moreover, the tripod has stainless steel spiked legs and the interchangeable rubber feet make this tripod sturdier.
  • This tripod is made of aluminum and it is very light in weight.
  • Although this tripod has a 3-year warranty if you register this tripod online the warranty will increase up to 5-year.

    Benro Mach3 3 Series Aluminum Tripod (TMA37AL)

Tripod Parts


When you decide to buy a tripod always try to buy a tripod of good quality. Moreover, buy good quality tripod parts and camera tripod accessories.

Thus, good quality tripod safes you time and provide you a quality work. We will always share the good quality tripods and the details about them with you.

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