The Different Types of Tripod Legs and their Advantages


The basic function of a tripod is to provide stability to the camera. If you are not professional enough to capture images less blurry then you surely need to own a tripod.

However, there are some situations in which the professional photographer also needs a tripod. Therefore, buying a tripod is necessary for the photographer.

Moreover, while purchasing a tripod you need to be considerate about the tripod legs.

The tripod legs are the foundation of making a tripod stable and sturdy, therefore, you always look for a tripod with best tripod legs.

You select the best tripod with best tripod legs by knowing what it is made of. Each tripod has been composed of a specific material which makes the customer aware whether it is going to be a good tripod or not.

However, it is a misconception that the lightweight tripods do not have maximum stability. The best lightweight tripods have great camera leg and some of them also offer the ability to add additional weight to the tripod.

In addition, there are some aspects which need t to be considered by the buyer.

These aspects are;

The material of the Tripod Legs

As mentioned before the material of the tripod legs needs to be considered before purchasing a tripod. The best quality tripod can be made of aluminum or carbon fiber with strong and maximum thickened legs.

The heavy tripods do provide the best stability weight to the camera but some of the lightweight aluminum tripods have also been the great regarding stability.

When it comes to heavy tripods it would be difficult to carry it around on outdoor shoots. Therefore, the lightweight tripods shall be a great help.

Moreover, if you will find the best lightweight tripod with great stability then you will be able to get stability even in rough places.

Leg Sections

The leg section of the tripod legs ensures that the tripod stays stable at adjusted height. For this, you need to get the most efficient tripod with secure sections.

Mostly, the tripod legs are sectioned into 3 or 4 sections. These shall help o increase or decrease the height of the tripod according to the needs.

Moreover, it can also decrease the size small enough to make the tripod fit into the traveling bag.

Leg Locks

The leg locks are a really important part of the tripod legs to keep the tripod stay in one position. They come into different types.

  1. Quick Release Lever
  2. Twist locks.

The quick release locks are the much efficient working locks. They can be adjusted quite easily. However, the twist locks take time to operate and they are not as efficient as quick release lever locks.


Most of the video tripod legs have rubber feet to provide the stability to the tripod. However, the spiked legs also have strong grip towards the ground.

It would be a blessing for you to find the suitable tripod with tripod legs having both rubber and spiked feet. And yes such kind of tripods are available in the market.

Leg Angle Adjustments

If you are looking for the best tripod with great tripod feet you can test a tripod’s greatness by seeing how flexible the tripod can be adjusted.

There are tripods which can be extended to 90-degrees and reverted back to its center column. Some great tripods with camera leg can be adjusted so efficiently that they can help in taking low angle pictures.

Center Column

The center column can help in the extension of the camera at a higher level. However, this aspect reduces the stability but there is an exception to it.

Some best tripods come with a center column which offers you to add additional weight to it. This shall make your work easy and stable in no time.





Kingjoy Mini Travel Tabletop Tripod

8 Customer Reviews

View Price


Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4 Section Aluminum Tripod

27 Customer Reviews

View Price


Sanipoe Adjustable Cell Phone Tripod

61 Customer Reviews

View Price


Beschoi M254T Camera Tripod 

5 Customer Reviews

View Price


Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AT Aluminum Tripod

74  Customer Reviews

View Price

Mini Travel Tabletop Tripod Lightweight Stand

If you are looking for a tripod to make homemade videos about your daily vlogs then the Kingjoy Mini Travel Tabletop Tripod shall be the best choice.

It is quite light in weight that it will be convenient for you to carry it around. Also, the customers are really satisfied with the results of the tripod.

They claim that the tripod legs are quite stable and bring professional results to the work. Moreover, the amazing thing about this tripod is that has compatibility with professional cameras.

The other best factors about this tripod are given below.


  1. This tripod with best video tripod legs is the most efficient tripod when it comes to the compatibility with the professional cameras. It is compatible with SLR, DLSR and digital cameras with ¼ inches standard screw thread fitting.
  2. Moreover, this tripod has a compact design which makes it the best tripod for vlogging.
  3. This tripod ranges only 5.5 inches when folded which ensures that this tripod shall be stored in luggage without any hustle.
  4. It is the best strength tripod with the ability to tolerate vibration. In addition, it is composed of high strength shake-proof Mg-Al alloy and treated with high temperature to make it strong. Moreover, the baking varnish coating technology has been used and the capacity to hold weight has also been increased through the whole procedure.
  5. Furthermore, it helps in getting the adjustments done in seconds. This ensures that you shall be only focusing on your work rather wasting time on the tripod’s adjustments.

Kingjoy Mini Travel Tabletop Tripod 

Tripod Legs

  • “Absolutely awesome! Just what I needed for my Zhiyun Q Gimbal! 
  • It’s identical to the original Zhiyun that costs twice the price.
  • I think it’s the same manufacturer that companies just put their brand in it.
  • Which means, looks like I got the same thing for less.

Aluminum Tripod Legs with Q90 Column 

As mentioned before in this article the aluminum tripods can be the best choice to go for.

Therefore, we are bringing the product which is composed of aluminum so you can get better results from the tripod to your work.

The Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4 Section Aluminum Tripod has been the best selling tripod of the year 2018. Moreover, it has amazing features which will convince you enough to buy it.


  1. This product comes with the best leg lock system which helps in adjusting the tripod legs in no time. The quick release lever lock system of this tripod ensures that the photographers’ time shall not be wasted on the adjustments of the tripod only.
  2. Moreover, it offers a link plug so you can connect the accessories within seconds.
  3. The Manfrotto tripod comes with a built-in bubble level system.
  4. The best quality of this tripod is that it comes with Q90 column which makes the tripod to be adjusted at various possible positions.
  5. It comes with new angle selectors.

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4 Section Aluminum Tripod 

Tripod Legs

  • “This tripod is nice and compact, but can still extend to eye level for most people”

The Best Flexible Phone/Camera Tripod 

It shall be much of your convenience if you get a tripod with flexible tripod legs. Just imagine the tripod legs.

The Sanipoe Adjustable Cell Phone Tripod is the tripod with flexible legs and it can be attached around different objects. You shall be able to explore different perspectives and angles which can bring diversity to your work.

Eventually, that can help in attracting more audience towards your work. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this product’s features.


  1. This amazing product comes with Super Grip mount which makes it compatible with many cameras. It is compatible with DSLR Cam GoPro Action Cam DSLR machines Nikon Canon G7 Fujifilm Sony RX Panasonic Nikon D610, Get the ultimate mobile phone tripod for Android & Apple smartphones. The mount ensures that the device remains safe.
  2. Moreover, this product is waterproof and its flexible tripod legs shall be wrap-able around different object around you. Therefore, you shall not have to worry about carrying it around for the perfect angle.
  3. Furthermore, this product is composed of silicone material which makes it durable for a long period of time. Moreover, it is small in size which makes it portable so you can carry it around with you while traveling. Its size is just 11 inches and can hold the weight up to 800 grams.
  4. In addition, this tripod comes with swivel head which makes sure that the camera can move at 360-degrees. This aspect shall help you to explore different perspectives.
  5. The manufacturers believe in their product and have the audacity to offer 30 days money return offer. Moreover, the replacement can be done in 180 days and you can get a lifetime customer service warranty.

Sanipoe Adjustable Cell Phone Tripod

Tripod legs

  • “This is the best tripod with superab qualities.”

Camera Tripod with Transverse Center Column Function

The tripod legs can only provide stability when they are composed of good quality.

Also, if you are looking for a tripod which provides stability and compatibility with the professional cameras then aluminum tripods are the best for this purpose.

The Beschoi M254T Camera Tripod is the best tripod as it is composed of aluminum and it is compatible with professional cameras as well. It has provided optimal performance to the customers.

They have to give it high ratings and ranked it as the best selling product. Moreover, there is another special aspect of this tripod which you can discover by reading the features.


  1. This product comes with the compact and flexible design. Its four sectioned legs can be reverted back and make it compact to the size of 18.5 inches. This aspect helps you to make it adjustable in your luggage.
  2. Moreover, this product provides ground-level angles as the height of this tripod ranges from 18.5 inches to 67 inches.
  3. The stability to this tripod comes with the help of its 25mm large diameter aluminum alloy tube. Moreover, this tripod has the load capacity of 10 kilograms, providing you stability and security. Moreover, the center column of this tripod comes with a hook. This hook assists in adding more weight for more stability to the tripod.
  4. In addition, this tripod comes with a fluid-like ball head which allows the camera to move in all possible angles such as panoramic angle. Moreover, the bubble level system recognizes the level and does the composition according to it.
  5. This amazing tripod is compatible with several cameras such as suitable for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Leica, Fujifilm, Pentax, Lumix and more DSLR cameras with 1/4” screw.

Beschoi M254T Camera Tripod

Tripod Legs

  • “The good – you can do everything with this tripod, there are like a million ways to point and shoot with it, very flexible to make any 
  • kind of weird shot you can just think of, my last two tripods (brand names!) were not close to this flexibility, i really love it.”

The Best Aluminum Tripod with Multi-Angle Center Column 

A tripod with different respective that it can provide is always the best. It can help you in increasing the creativity that you have in your mind regarding the work.

Also, it provides the possibilities that can happen with regards to your vision. Thus, it shall bring new direction to your work which shall fascinate the audience.

The Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AT Aluminum Tripod can help you in bringing diversity to your work. But to be sure whether this tripod is good enough or not, do check out its features.


  1. Reminder: you can avail the warranty for US products if they are shipped from the authorized sellers. Therefore, visit the Vanguard World company website for a list of authorized dealers.
  2. This product provides unique perspectives MACC (Multi-Angle Center Column) for limitless shooting angles, position versatility. With the help of its 3 legs and 4 sectioned position angles such as 20, 40, 60, and 80-degrees you can explore different sights.
  3. Furthermore, this tripod has a solid rock like system which helps in keeping the tripod stay at one position. The twist lock system provides optimal performance regarding it.
  4. Also, this product has the load capacity of 15.4lbs.
  5. The height of this tripod ranges from 24 inches to 63 inches. It weighs only 4 pounds which is quite lightweight. Furthermore, it provides extra stability with the canopy suspension loop for counterbalance weight and Alta Link – 3/8 thread bonus connection for any accessory.

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AT Aluminum Tripod

Tripod Legs

  • “Strong, sturdy, well made. Very versatile with multiple adjustments.”


There are some aspects which need to consider before purchasing a tripod. It can be related to the mount, quality of the tripod, and many tripod accessories attached to it.

But the most important accessory is the tripod legs which provide stability to the tripod. If the tripod legs will not be strong enough and stable the having that tripod will be of no use.

Therefore, before buying a tripod always look for the tripod with the best tripod legs. In this article, we have enlisted the best tripods with high-quality tripod legs.

Moreover, for better understanding certain other aspects regarding the tripod legs have also been described. So, check them out and decide the best tripod for your work.

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