Tripod for Hiking: Best Light-Weight Tripods for Hiking


If you are planning traveling or hiking you would definitely want to capture photos? To make these photos more professional and sharp you will need a tripod. Tripod has become very popular these days.

However, it really helps you to make your camera stable for the perfect shot. You will find the huge variety of hiking tripod on the online market, but always choose the best tripod for hiking.

While buying a hiking camera tripod keep in mind that the tripod should have good quality, great features, and also be small in size and light in weight.

Thus, the heavy hiking tripod will make your backpack heavy; however, no one wants their back bag heavy when they are going hiking.





Zomei Z818 Hiking Tripod

670 Customer Reviews

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PEDCO Ultrapod lightweight camera tripod 

944 Customer Reviews

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JOBY Gorillapod 3K Compact Tripod

78 Customer Reviews

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Multi-Functional Tripod: Tripod for Hiking

Zomei Z818 Hiking Tripod is the light-weight and multi-functional best hiking tripod. It is very solid and sturdy which makes it the best tripod for hiking.

  • The legs of this compact tripod can be folded back 180-degree.
  • It is the multi-functional 2-in-1 hiking tripod; however, you can also use this amazing tripod as a full-size monopod by screwing together the removable the center column and tripod leg.
  • This tripod has the adjustable 4-sections leg which glides in and out with ease.
  • The column hook of the tripod which is located in the bottom of the center- column allows adding extra weight to increase the stability.
  • It is a light-weight hiking tripod which is made out of Magnesium and aluminum, thus, this tripod is easy to carry it with you to capture memorable photos.

Zomei Z818 Hiking Tripod

Tripod for Hiking

Best Hiking Tripod under 50

PEDCO Ultrapod lightweight camera tripod is an amazing hiking camera tripod in an affordable price. If you are looking for a light-weight tripod for hiking with great quality and features then this tripod is the best option for you.

  • It is the best hiking tripod with a light-weight and it can be easily fit in your backpack, so you can carry this tripod with you without any worry.
  • This compact tripod has fold-out legs and its non-slip vinyl feet fit any device with a tripod socket.
  • The removable strap of this tripod secure tripod to posts any sturdy object.
  • This amazing tripod for hiking is made has the lifetime warranty.

PEDCO Ultrapod lightweight camera tripod

Tripod for Hiking

A Compact Tripod with Strong Grip

JOBY Gorillapod 3K Compact Tripod is an amazing tripod with a strong grip. This tripod is very light-weight which is perfect for hiking. If you want an extremely light-weight backpack then this amazing tripod for hiking is best for you.

  • It is a very flexible tripod so; you can wrap it or stand it on any type of surface.
  • The strong grip of this tripod makes it the best tripod for hiking.
  • It is a very strong tripod, however, this tripod can hold devices weighing up to 3kg96.6lbs)
  • The rubberized ring and amazing foot grips provide enhanced stability on rough surfaces.

JOBY Gorillapod 3K Compact

Tripod for Hiking

  • “Love the premium feel. It’s so easy to reposition, yet somehow manages to stay rigid. Also love the ballhead, easy clip, and level bubble. I know there are a lot of knockoffs for much less money, but this is worth every penny.”


When you have plans for hiking the first thing comes to your mind is the weight of their backpack. Thus, it is very difficult to go hiking with heavy backpacks.

To make your backpack light it is necessary to choose the best light-weight compact tripod for hiking. There are many hiking tripods are available, some of them we have mentioned above for you.

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