Tripod Camera Mount: Different Types of Mount for Cameras/Cellphone’s

Everyone knows that a tripod is an essential tool for professional photography. The tripod mount is an important part of the tripod. However, the tripod camera mount plays an important role to hold a camera and provide stability to it.

Whenever you decide to buy a tripod do notice the quality of the camera tripod mount. Always choose a good quality mount to keep your camera safe and sturdy.

There are different tripods are available having different types of tripod camera mount. Thus, you have to select the tripod according to your camera/camcorder.

The universal tripod camera mount is also available in the market but they are a little bit expensive. However, buying a universal camera tripod mount will make you easy to use.

Anyhow you can use any type of camera/camcorder with this it because it is easily attached and detach with any camera and camcorder.





360 Degree Hot Shoe Mount

116 Customer Reviews

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Manfrotto mount 

184 Customer Reviews

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Guerrila painter tripod mount 

36 Customer Reviews

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Tripod Mount under 50: Tripod Camera Mount

Hot shoe mount is a very reasonable tripod mount which can be used for cameras, camcorders, led video light, ring flashlight, microphone, and video monitor. This tripod mount is strong enough to hold the camera perfectly stable and sturdy.

The tripod mount has many great features which are described below.

  • You can twist its locking knob according to your needs by 360degree rotation.
  • To lock the ball head without shaking you just have to tighten its wheels.
  • It is a slandered hot shoe adopter. Different types of cameras and camcorders can be fit with it easily.
  • The maximum load that this tripod camera mount can deal with is 3.5lbs.
  • However, it is light in weight it is strongly made up of good quality aluminum alloy material.
  • It is super sturdy and durable.

                     360 Degree Hot Shoe Mount

Tripod Camera Mount

“Extremely Flexible and Nicely Made and works great when your tripod or camera base is not quite level.”

Affordable Cell Phone Tripod Mount

Manfrotto mount is one of the best universal mounts. This mount is available with remote controller for both apple and android. However, you can buy it at a very affordable price. This mount makes easy to use smartphones in tripods.

Thus, it helps you to click great selfies.

  • It is compact and light in weight. Thus; you can easily carry even in your pocket.
  • It has silicon rubber pads for a secure grip.
  • In the base and on the back the double 1/4inch female thread is located.
  • On the back, it has a self-standing bracket.
  • The Bluetooth wireless remote can click photos/videos from the distance of 30ft.
  • This is ideal to take selfies, group photos or make videos with the wide angle.

Manfrotto mount

Tripod Camera Mount

Great mount to use in tripods. It makes easy to use the phone in tripods. Nothing wrong with it.

Aluminium Universal Tripod Mount

Guerrila painter tripod mount is a universal tripod mount. The tripod mount is made up of aluminum material.

  • This universal mount is light in weight and made up of aluminum.
  • The 4 rubber bumper feet also come with this mount.
  • This mount is a little bit expensive. Although it adds the versatility to an equipment.

Guerrila painter tripod mount

Tripod Camera Mount

Hardware fits perfectly. Easy to install.


Tripod camera mount is important to maintain the camera or camcorder safe and stable. Tripods have huge verity in the market. However; tripod mount is also available in different features and quality.

Some are heavy duty tripod mounts. Thus some deals with lightweight cameras or smartphones. For more articles related to tripods visit our website

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