The 8 Best Recommended Tripod Brands


The photography game can be leveled-up when the photographer has the accurate photography accessories. Most of the people think that having a camera is enough. But that is not the case.

After camera, the next ranked must-have accessory is a tripod. It is essential for the photographer to own a tripod if he or she is quite serious pursuing photography as a career.

However, it is difficult to know that from all the tripod brands which one he/she should go for. This problem is quite understandable as there are several tripod brands.

Consequently, people have a hard time finding the best suitable for their work. From the basics that what a tripod really is people mostly know nothing more than that it is a three-legged stand.

And that stand just holds the camera. However, it does more than that.  Thus to find the best tripod brands for you, we are here to help you understand that which tripod you should buy.

From the expensive tripods to best features we bring you the list of the top tripod brands. The list enlisted in this article goes from the lowest price to the most expensive tripod.

This categorization shall help you to decide the best tripod brands to go for. Because, this list enlists the tripod brands along with their tripod’s features, review from the customers and pricing.

Thus it will help the photographer to select the best and according to his or her budget. To bring the best tripod brands into your notice the top tripod brands’ products are enlisted below.





Neewer Professional 61 inches/155 centimeters Aluminum Alloy Video Camera Tripod

25 Customer Reviews

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Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Head FT9901 

102 Customer Reviews

View Price


Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer 

142 Customer Reviews

View Price


Cayer BV30L 72 inch- Professional Heavy Duty Aluminum Twin Tube 

80 Customer Reviews

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COMAN KX3636 Professional Video Tripod

28 Customer Reviews

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Horizontal Arm Professional Camera Tripod 

19 Customer Reviews

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Miliboo MTT601A Heavy Duty Aluminum Video Tripod

5 Customer Reviews

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Manfrotto MVH502A,546BK-1Tripod 

78  Customer Reviews

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Good Tripod Brands: Affordable Tripod

The Neewer Professional 61 inches/155 centimeters Aluminum Alloy Video Camera Tripod is the best selling tripod of 2018. From its composition to its features, customers have given positive feedbacks.

Moreover, within such price, this tripod has gained more fame among the professional photographers. As it is one of the best tripod brands the NEEWER Professional Video Camera Tripod has made the photography even easier.

With its functions, photographers are happy to see the results. The features which make it the best tripod are enlisted below.

  • This tripod enables the photographer to capture high-quality images and videos. The quality of the images does not get affected even if the image is being cropped.
  • It comes with a handle which helps in changing the camera’s position in no time. Moreover, it has non-slip feet to make the photography easy at different types of surfaces.
  • With other phenomenal features, this tripod’s height ranges from 28” to 61”. Also, it has 3-sectioned aluminum adjustable legs.
  • The tripod is highly compatible with DSLR cameras, video, digital cameras, and the best thing is this tripod comes with a nylon bag.
  • This tripod is conveniently light in weight making it best for outdoor shoots. The photographers who like to capture wildlife, this tripod is perfect for them.

         Neewer Professional Video Camera Tripod

Tripod Brands

  • ” I love this tripod, its a beefy bastard that really holds up. A great price I’ve used it on 7 shoots so far and it hasn’t disappointed”

One of the Best Camera Tripod Brands 

The Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Head FT9901 is one of the best tripod brands. With such low price and best reviews, this tripod is preferred by several photographers.

The reason is that it has the phenomenal ability to provide the sturdiness. Moreover, it is highly portable and also has great durability. The ability of this tripod to perform the functions is just amazing.

To know its abilities its features are enlisted below.

  • This tripod is fixed with a counter-balance system with the ability to tilt from -85- degrees to +85-degrees.
  • Moreover, it comes with built-in-bubble for horizontal leveling.
  • The tripod has the magnificent quick release plate which allows changing camera’s position without causing harm to the camera.
  • Also, it is double-stage tripod composed of aluminum alloy and it helps in providing more stability. The sturdiness it provides helps the photographer to execute perfect artwork.
  • This tripod weighs only 6.0 kg and it is best compatible with camcorders. These features make it the best camera tripod.

Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Drag Head FT9901

Tripod Brands

  • “Overall you’re getting what you pay for. The quality of the metal construction leaves a lot to be desired in the durability department.”

The Best Stabilizer for Smartphone Cameras 

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer has focus pull zoom capabilities. These abilities can make the photographer’s work easier. Moreover, the photographer will not have to put extra efforts in focusing and zooming.

Along with that, this stabilizer has more features attached to it which are enlisted below.

  • The ability to focus and zoom comes from the integrated control panel. This makes the work smooth and the quality of the image is enhanced even more.
  • Moreover, it has the PhoneGo feature which allows doing the instant transition scenes.
  • This stabilizer has the capability to do time lapse and tracking the object.
  • It is one of the best tripod brands which come with the 2-way charging system. Moreover, it has the long runtime.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Tripod Brands

  • “This product is really easy to use especially for new and aspiring mobile filmmakers.”

Tripod Brands with Aluminum Composition

The Cayer BV30L 72 inch- Professional Heavy Duty Aluminum Twin Tube Tripod comes with a K3 fluid head which is best for shooting at different angles.

Moreover, it is one of the best camera tripod brands which come with 1-bonus quick release plate. To decide whether this tripod is worth buying or not? Let’s see its features enlisted below.

  • This tripod from good tripod brands has the tendency to support load up to 13.2 lbs. Moreover, it has a professional video tripod system design for HDSLR and interchangeable lenses.
  • As mentioned above, this tripod comes with 2-way fluid head with fixed counter-balance. Also, it provides 360-degrees panning and +90-degrees and –70-degrees tilt.
  • The best thing about this tripod that it comes with 2 quick release plates. And both provide 1/4″-20 screws, and a 3/8″-16 screw stored in a thread under the plate.
  • The Cayer tripod comes with built-in 75 mm bowl: mid-level spreader which allows enhancing the stability of the tripod. All this is possible with the help of 2-stage fluid head that comes along with it.
  • In addition, this tripod comes with 8-years warranty. Moreover, its height ranges from 33” to 72”.

Cayer BV30L 72 inch- Professional Heavy Duty Aluminum Twin Tube

Tripod Brands

  • ” This thing is exactly what I needed for all of my photo stuff. I use it for all of my cameras and spotting scope, as well as my chronograph. “

Amazing Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tripod

The COMAN KX3636 Professional Video Tripod is categorized under the best expensive tripods. It has been proffered by several video makers who likely to do heavy-duty work.

Moreover, due to its composition, it has the durability of a long time. The features that make it more valuable are given below.

  • It has the compatibility with the camcorders and large video cameras. Moreover, it has the tendency to hold weight up to 13.2 lbs.
  • This tripod has the ability to pan 360-degrees making it possible to move in every possible direction. Also, with its quick release plate and ¼” and 3/8” camera screws it helps in shooting sports and action photos.
  • In addition, it has a built-in-bubble level which ensures secure adjustment at horizon level.
  • With the help of its composition that is aluminum, this tripod provides more stability.
  • It comes with 6-years warranty and has the ability to tilt from-75-degrees to +90-degrees.
  • Moreover, the tripods’ height ranges from 33 inches to 74 inches.

COMAN KX3636 Professional Video Tripod

Tripod Brands

  • “I Love it. Weight wasn’t a factor for me. I wanted a tall tripod.”

Portable Tripod Stand with Ball-Head

The Horizontal Arm Professional Camera Tripod is best for photographers who like traveling a lot. The reason is that. This tripod is composed of Aluminum.

With such composition, the tripod is light in weight, making it the best travel tripod. Moreover, this tripod introduces different perspectives which make the photographers’ work even more unique.

The features it contains are as follows.

  • This convertible tripod into monopod has the ability to take low ground angle pictures using DSLR cameras. To attain such perspective, this tripod’s height ranges from 18” to 67”.
  • Furthermore, this tripod Is highly portable. As we all know that heavy cameras have heavy accessories, but this tripod breaks this stereotypical approach.
  • It has the tendency to hold up weight up to 15.5 lbs making it the best portable tripod.
  • With the help of its strong leg locks, it can provide more stability to the camera for best results.
  • This tripod comes with a 360-degrees ball head, as mentioned above, provides the panoramic effect. With help of this ball head, you will be able to explore new techniques to execute your artwork.
  • Moreover, the tripod has the amazing compatibility with several devices. These devices include; Canon, Nikon, Sony Olympus and many more.
  • Having confidence in its quality and durability, this tripod comes with 1-year warranty.

Horizontal Arm Professional Camera Tripod

Tripod Brands

  • “This Tripod and Monopod Combo set makes taking photos convenient and fun.
  • You get the best angle thanks to its adjustable horizontal arm.
  • You get extra stability promise using its 4th leg. 90° center column ball head will let you have video versatility.
  • I used this for a wedding photo-shoot I was hired to cover and it went pretty well.”

One of the Best Tripod Brands under $200

The Miliboo MTT601A Heavy Duty Aluminum Video Tripod has gotten great reviews from the customers. With its additional feature, middle spreader design, it has been considered a great product.

This feature provides the amazing stability. Also, this tripod has helped many photographers to see through a different perspective which has to lead them to introduce new work.

The features it contains are quite outstanding and these are illustrated below.

  • This tripod has the ability to move 360-degrees and make panoramic shoots easier. Moreover, it is manufactured with high-performance aluminum with the leg tube whose diameter ranges from 14mm to 20mm. Such composition is best for providing best stability.
  • The function of the middle spreader is to provide more stability. How is done? The middle spreader locks the legs really tight and helps in providing pan and tilt drag.
  • It comes with 3-sectioned aluminum design along with double tandem leg, which provides extra stability to the camera. The photographers are in love with this feature as it has helped them to get marvelous results.
  • Moreover, its tilt ranges from -70-degrees to +90-degrees; also its pan ranges 360-degrees.
  • The tripod’s height ranges from 28” to 60” and has the load capacity up to 10 KGs.
  • This tripod comes with a carrying bag make packing easy for you. Moreover, you will not have to worry about getting things fixed in one bag. Simply, this bag will save space in your luggage.

Miliboo MTT601A Heavy Duty Aluminum Video Tripod

Tripod Brands

  • “Marevelous tripod for the money. Sturdy and just what I needed for my studio. No regrets. 
  • I have two Manfretto tripods with video heads and this guy approaches them in quality and function.”

The Most Expensive Tripod with Best Reviews

The Manfrotto MVH502A,546BK-1Tripod costs $579.88 making it the best most expensive tripod. What else makes it the best are its features? The ability to high-performance it obtains has attracted several customers.

Moreover, its high-quality can be examined from the reviews it has gotten from the purchasers. To let you decide whether it is the best from the other tripod brands, its features are enlisted below.

  • It is highly durable, and why is that? Due to its composition, this amazing tripod can last for ages. The composition includes aluminum legs.
  • Moreover, it has the smoothest fluid video system making the pan and tilting easier and smooth.
  • This magnificent tripod comes with mid spreader which allows providing more stability.
  • Also, it comes with 75mm Ball Mount for quick adjustment. This feature makes the photographer put less effort in adjusting the tripod on different surfaces.
  • This tripod weighs up to 12.13 pounds, with the dimensions of 32.7 x 7 x 7 inches. This tripod has the best features and will be investment worthy.

 Manfrotto MVH502A,546BK-1Tripod

Tripod Brands

  • “SUPER happy with the video results, smooth and fluid, allows you to zoom a zoom lens or change aputure without any shaking what-so-ever.”


The several tripod brands have made impossible selecting the best suitable tripod for the work. People who just have started with their photography are having a hard time finding the best tripod for their work.

All this is happening due to the availability of several tripod brands. However, some of them are not even worth spending money on. The reason is that they have low-quality with fewer features and durability.

Moreover, such tripod brands are so expensive that a beginner definitely cannot afford them. For such purchasers we have the separate article for that, you can check that as well (best affordable tripod)

But for those who need a professional tripod, must spend their money with due care. Unfortunately, if you end up buying low-quality tripod then it is definitely going to affect your work as well.

To help you find the worthy tripods on which you can spend your money, we have enlisted the best tripods. These tripods have the best features and an amazing price to offer.

Moreover, most of them come with the warranty, that seems promising that these products are made of good quality. And with such a warranty, these manufacturers are quite confident regarding their products.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the list given above and select the best one for yourself. Look up for the tripod which would be suitable for your work and according to your budget.

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