Planning for Honeymoon – Get Affordable Travel Tripod

Last updated on February 9th, 2021

Hey Newlyweds, are you planning for your honeymoon and deciding how much money to spend on travel tripod? Don’t worry, come and buy affordable tripod.

Planning for honeymoon trip is something very special. You have to consider the season where you are going to spend your memorable moments.

Few places are suitable for the summer months, some are best for the winter months. Mostly love birds say that the best time to visit Northern Area is in the winter season. At that point you have the chance to capture snow moments with best tripod. You can likewise visit them amid a late spring month to encounter environmental change.

The ocean and the islands can be visited whenever you want in the year. But the best season is spring.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart. “– Confucius

Honeymoon Packing

When it comes to honeymoon packing there are many accessories you want to pack, but as I have personally experienced none of them are as valuable as a best tripod. On the off chance that you’re going to northern areas then owning a best travel tripod is an absolute necessity.

Travel Tripods are available in all shapes, weights, heights and patterns. In the event that you don’t know much regrading tripod please read this Best Professional Tripod article before continuing further.

In this article, I want to recommend you two affordable tripod for your honeymoon shoot.

Firstly All You Need To Know “What Is The Purpose Of Travel Tripod”? 

  • You need it when it’s dark or somehow low light.
  • In case your shutter speed is less than the focal length divided by your lens, must buy tripod for your honeymoon trip.
  • You need a tripod to enlarge your couple photo a lot.

Travel tripod usually have at least four leg sections, legs that can collapse around the central pillar or a central column that falls between the legs for transport. In general, they do not have the same height as the stands. So you have to bend over while shooting honeymoon pictures.

With in-depth research and discussed with best photographers, I want to share under-noted two best travel tripod here.

Sunpak Travel Tripod

Your first option is Sunpak 620-080 tripod. The Sunpak travel tripod is a full-size carbon fiber tripod with a total weight of 6.1 Ibs. The upper portion of this SunpakTripod is equipped with a neoprene foam protection for extreme weather conditions. The retractable hook provides extra stability to this carbon fiber tripod.

Sunpak 620-080 Tripod

  • Versatile camera tripod with extra quick-release mounting plate for second camera — compare to SunPak Medium Duty 64.6″ tripod
  • Quick-release platform with integral bubble level for precise leveling
  • Second circular bubble level at critical tripod collar for precise alignment
  • Precision-geared center column with 1/4 x 20 accessory mounting stud
  • Adjusts to more than 60 inches tall; supports up to 6 pounds, 9 ounces

The triple head of Sunpak 620-080 Tripod  gives you great flexibility and the spherical head is ideal for your honeymoon photography. The Sunpak travel tripod also has three leg separations, which allows you to choose between low angles, intermediate angles and normal angles when shooting your couple photos.

The center column is also easy to remove so that the model reaches its maximum height. The foot of Sunpak tripod model is also equipped with a carbon fiber material, which provides good stability for the stand. With an adjustable height of 12 to 64 inches, the stand also absorbs shock, eliminating unwanted shocks and vibrations. This Sunpak travel tripod is compatible with most digital cameras.

This tripod has featured of 64″ inch series reach and collapsed down to 12 ” inch. Its rotating pan can easily control by a pistol grip mechanism which is very soft plus you can easily buy from Amazon at affordable price. This Sunpak Travel tripod is also comes with life time guarantee.

Rocketfish Carbon Travel Tripod

Your next option is 65 ” Rocketfish carbon tripod fiber kit, which reached 65.5″ and weighed 5.8 Ibs. Rocketfish tripod belongs to Best Buy, which sells its stands exclusively. You can buy at $ 150.00. So, that’s why it is a slightly lighter and more expensive unit. This travel tripod is very solid with a robust feel and a soft lever that tilted to allow portrait and landscape option for couple shoot.

RocketFish Tripod

  • ULTRA COMPACT: The tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees giving it a compact size of 15″, easy to put into your backpack and carry to everywhere
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: The Z669C weights only 3.4lbs, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor events, such as sports activities, camping, family gatherings and much more
  • MONOPOD MODE: This portable tripod can be converted into a 60″ monopod by screwing together the center column and removeable tripod leg, you can take it anywhere
  • CARBON FIBER: The carbon fiber legs delivers maximum rigidity and combined with the lightest components makes this tripod lightweight yet extremely sturdy
  • WARRANTY: Backed with Zomei’s 1 year warranty, we promise a total refund or a replacement if any issues, at no cost without questions asked. We just want your 100% satisfaction

The Recoketfish travel tripod has carbon fiber tubes which allow each tripod leg up to 90 degrees for maximum flexibility. With the quick release plate, you can quickly connect the camera to Rocketfish tripod. In addition, you can remove the lower lid on the center piston of this carbon fiber stand to take low-angle images. In addition, non-abrasive rubber feet help you to support and stabilize this Rocketfish travel tripod stand so you can use it on rough surfaces.

Amazingly, Double safety locks on this carbon fiber tripod protect your camera when shooting your couple honeymoon pictures. Aside from these features, the stand is basically the same as any other travel tripod camera .The lightweight Rocketfish tripod offers excellent load capacity for most DSLR cameras and camcorders.

Photography Tips for Honeymoon Shoot

  • Make sure your background is intriguing

    By the way, fresh greenery, rough stone walls, seascapes are fascinating backgrounds.

  • Get a Hand Carry Travel Tripod

If no one around to capture couple shoot, tripod is best for you. The best of the little tripods are the canon tripod, which can be wrapped around anything.


Well, sometimes we just want to buy the most economical travel tripod for our coming trip. So, according to my opinion, both tripod option is best for your honeymoon but pick one according to your budget.

Sunpa tripod has a very good pistol grip mechanism and the Redfish tripod looked stronger. Although, there are many travel tripod options but take my words – these two are the only good and economical tripods in the market.

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