Top 10 Best Tripod for DSLR Cameras in 2019

What has three legs, one head, and doesn’t get out much? Answer: that big, heavy tripod that’s too much of an effort to maneuver around.

However, with the advent of photography as a highly lucrative industry, manufacturers are coming up with unique designs that are relatively compact and lightweight, yet extend to impressive operating heights and offer solid support even for the hefty camera and lens combinations.

These days the vast amount of people are highly interested in photography these days. Selected people are actually planning to pursue their career in the field of photography and also with videography as this field is vast enough and interest catching for a lot of people. On the other hand, a huge amount of people are only doing it as their past time and during their educational era and as they enter the professional life they quit.

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In old times there were a lot of things which were impossible to be done but now it happens just with a click and with quicker results. Previously there were cameras which had a roll film in it and we had only one option to print the picture but from the past decade digital cameras have been launched and now as technology is improving so now it’s the era of DSLR for which tripod stands are basic necessity due which people can film for hours and without even getting tired. A massive amount of tripod stands have been launched in previous years

10 Best Travel Tripods in 2018

There are various types of tripods but one main is travel tripod which can hold the camera for a long time. Its main features include the stability for holding the camera and keeping it above the ground level for about 40-50”. And it is portable enough and it comes in different sizes which is feasible for people who get to travel often with their cameras and tripods.

  • It provides accuracy to the image
  • Makes it easier for the person capturing the image to stabilize it at one position
  • Lessen down the load
  • Easy to maintain the best angle
  • Essential for long hour photography
  • If it’s not used that picture isn’t perfect because of human error at times
  • It provides you with enough time to wait for the perfect shot




Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 + XPRO ball head

View Price

Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A + B0 ball head

View Price

Gitzo Mountaineer Series 3 Tripod Kit GK3532-82QD

View Price

Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

View Price

Manfrotto MK190XPRO3-BHQ

View Price

Vanguard ALTA PRO 2+ 263AB 100

View Price

Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod

View Price

Nest Traveller NT-6294CK Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit

View Price

Albott 64 Inch Travel Tripod Portable Aluminium Lightweight with Carrying Bag

View Price

MeFOTO RoadTrip Air Tripod Kit

View Price

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