The best Tripod under 200

A good tripod with significant features is the must-have tool for the camera and lens in photography. However, after buying the camera and lens the budget would not allow for expensive tripods. This can be a problem, especially for the beginners.
As the beginners still have to learn how to expose their imagination through the camera and could not afford the tripods with expensive prices. But one should not worry as many tripods with essential features and affordable prices exist and the tripods enlisted below come under the category of the Best tripod under 200.

Best Camera Tripods Under 200 Dollars in 2018

These tripods are the best lightweight tripods, which can function as the best heavy duty tripods. Moreover, they are highly-accessible and perfect for indoor and outdoor shoots. The basic advantage of going such Best Affordable Tripods is that they have all the essential features within budget.

They shall help the beginners to learn the basics using these Best Budget Tripods and move on with their career towards success. Now, expensive tripods shall no more the hurdle of approaching a career in the field of visionary art. So, let us see the best tripod under 200 and the photographer shall be able to decide which one should be the accurate one for his or her photography.

Slik Pro 700DX

Slik Pro 700DX is one of the Best Professional Tripods which come with a pan head. The head enables the camera to move in all possible direction and it is very convenient to use. It has the load capacity of 19.8lbs and the maximum height of 75.0” whereas the minimum height is 16.1”. The composition of Slik Pro 700Dx includes aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloy, moreover, it has the folding length of 29.9”. Slik Pro 700DX is the best tripod under 200 which costs only $139.95. In addition, this tripod has rubber feet which provide a firm grip on slippery or smooth surfaces.

Vanguard ALTA PRO 264AB

Vanguard ALTA PRO 264 comes with the best tripod kit including an SBH-100 ball head which rotates in the 360-degree direction. These tripods also include quick release plate and bubble levels with a hexagon-shaped central column which moves from 0-180 degrees. Moreover, Vanguard 264Ab comes with instant swivel stop-n-lock system which helps in easy adjustments of the central column. The Vanguard has the maximum height of 64” whereas the folded height is 24.6”. It is the Best DSLR Tripod as it has the shock absorption feature which is enabled with the help of premium magnesium die-cast canopy and anti-shock ring. This feature helps in taking sturdy images on rugged surfaces.In addition, this tripod is capable of supporting up to 15.4 lbs of weight. That is why it is the Best heavy Duty Tripod.

Manfrotto Be Free

The Manfrotto is the best tripod under 200 as it comes with tripod head which is composed of aluminum alloy. It is the best lightweight tripod and considered as the best tripod for travelersbecause it has the capacity of bearing weight up to 8.8 lbs. Moreover, its height extends up to 57.6” and can be folded down up to 15.75”. With its leg angle selector, it enables the camera to take images from tight positions and acute angles. In addition, it is best from in and outdoor shoots due to its relevantly low weight and sturdiness of the system. Its design allows fitting in backpacks, showing its compatibility.  One of the best tripods under 200.

MeFOTO RoadTrip

It is the best tripod under 200 which has the most flexible camera panning system. It pans in 360-degree direction and it supports weighs up to 17.6lbs. Not only this, it has been sectioned into five legs and it has the maximum height of 61.6”. The minimum height of this tripod is 15.4 when folded and also, it has spiked feet. These spiked feet assist in firm grip even on difficult platforms. This tripod is composed of aluminum alloy and has an individual leg which can be locked in independent angles. Mefoto tripod is best for the professionals as well for the beginners.

Velbon VS-443D Aluminum Tripod

The Velbon VS-443D aluminum tripod comes with the QHD ball head with quick release plate. It can be considered as the luxurious tripod in its kind due to several significant features. It has the capacity of holding up the weigh up to 6.6 lbs. Moreover, it has the maximum height of 63.2” whereas the minimum height is 22.6” when folded. It has the magnificent near eye level as well ground-level perspective executed through its adjustments made with its height at 9.25”. Not only this, it has the central column which can be tilted with great flexibility. In addition, it is the best tripod with strong grip even on difficult terrain.

Oben Ac-1361 Tripod with BA-117 Ball Head

The Oben tripod comes with the BA-117 which reaches the height of 64.75”. It is a three-section legs tripod which is composed of aluminum and can go to the ground level of 7”. Moreover, it can be folded down to the height of 24”. This tripod has the tendency to hold weight up to 17.6 lbs with the ability to take sturdy images.

The Oben AC-1361 itself is the most lightweight tripod which weighs only 300 grams making it accessible for traveling photographers.

Conclusion: Best Tripod under $200

After buying camera and lens the photographer is left with the limited budget. This limited budget does not allow the photographers, especially, the beginners to afford expensive tripods with significant features. However, those expensive tripods are not the only option. One has always the option of buying the best tripod under 200. The above-mentioned tripods are the best affordable tripods which can help the photographer to continue their career in a better way.

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