Top 15 Small Tripod for any usage or price

Looking for a small Tripod for that perfect moment or event you have planned? It might be a good idea to have something called “Small portable Compact tripod” in your hand.

I mean you can’t wear a 3 piece on a wedding and possibly carry your college bag for all the stuff. So a little $10 investment might be a good investment after all.

We have not only categorized small tripod for any camera but also according to affordability. First, let’s have a look at famous small cameras that are widely popular among “easy to handle and carry around” peeps.

Top 5 Best Small Cameras

1- Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera

If you are looking for a best point and shoot small camera and need 1 answer, it is definitely Fujifilm X100T. The only rival that may seem to compete with such quality and features is that one of Leica that follows right after this..

2- Leica Q 24.2 MP 35 MM (TYP 116)

Leica, Well the first thing that comes to your mind is "Payoneers of Camera Technology" You can take it without testing and put it to work. Leica 24.2 Megapixels compact small camera is something you can buy with blind eyes and still be recommending to everyone.

3- Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K

Panasonic is not far behind in providing point and shoot small camera and it has got some of the best customer reviews on Amazon. With 10 megapixels inside and 1.4f, that blurry background just became easy to capture. It's a budget friendly compact cam.

4- Sigma C79900 DP3 Merrill

This one is considered as underdog of small cameras category. Your friends might ask you why and what you are carrying around but you will definitely get a huge round of applause once you have shown them those candid pics take by this cute small camera.

5- Canon Powershot S95 

If you are running low on budget and still don't want to compromise much on Quality. Canon powershot has got what you can say an "Affordable small camera" for your kid or your not so great venture. It has got 10 mp sensor and 3 inch LCD to make things look good.

Top 3 Small Tripods

Now if you have got any of these or similar small camera and looking for best small tripod for camera. Here is a list of Top 5 tripods that can be really helpful to hold these off. Yes you can make them hand from a tree, stuck on the side wall..

Small tripod for camera such as the ones you can see in this list are a real multi-task tools. You can use them for both phones and dslrs.


All of these Tripods work perfectly for small cameras

For Personal Usage


Fugetek Premium Mini Tripod ($9.99)

It is a kind of all-in-one small tripod that can not only hold your iphone but also work for small cameras, dslrs so if you are not sure of which one to go for and have a love for photography. This should be your one true love.  Also have some huge fan followers


Manfrotto MTPIXI-RD PIXI Mini Tripod ($19.00)

One and only rival to fugetek you can see above is this man from Manfrotto. It's obvious that the brand name is attached to this instrument for which they are charging $8 extra. Oh, wait yes they have a really cool feature of adjustable head with a button. 


Flexible Spider Disc Legs Tripod ($9.98)

This small tripod is really one of the best small tripods available and work like a spyder. 12 inch, that's the size of it's legs and can be used as any camera mount. It can be attached to any place around but make sure not to be attacked by squirrels if you are letting a tree hold off.

For Professional Use

So the above list was for small tripods looking for personal usage like cell phones and compact cameras. If you have really got some real love for photography and wanna hang that sexy canon or nikon for perfect shots. Have a look at these small sized tripods for dslrs (Top 5 list).


BONFOTO B690A ($65.99)

This small tripod ‚Äč is for pro level photographers have got 95% of the features of a full fledge tripod that might cost around $1000. Let's not mix up things for price only but this is a serious tool. If you are looking for high tech a to z tripod to showcase your photography skills. Do buy this one.


Altura Gun Grip mini Tripod ($14.99)

If your height is not so great and you don't wanna look so cool while holding the DSLR in your hands you can buy this small sized tripod for dslr. Rubberized grip, one touch adjustment and easier to carry are just few of highlights of this tripod. 



Looking for a mini-portable lightweight tripod? This is a great addition into small tripods for DSLRs. You can say it's more like a DSLR stand. If you want a pro type small tripod for dslr but also planning on using for your phone or small cameras, this is it. Not to mention that it has got some great customer feedback.


ZOMEI ZM-CK30 ($40.99)

Oooohh, this sexy thing from an Established Tripods Brand, is a definite winner among top 5 small camera tripods. 

  1. Just 7.9 inches in size
  2. Easily adjustable
  3. 3 color variants
  4. lightweight portable tripod

Small Camera Tripod:

Small cameras are undoubtedly great for point and shoot usage. You can sit in in your room later and play with settings. Small camera stand thus have made their place into the market as the photography trend goes up.  

If you are looking for 3 best picks for tripods for a small camera excluding phone or any other device. These are the best small camera tripods according to user feedback on Amazon.

iGadgitz PT310 Mini Tripod ($14.79)

Ever missed that part on a trip where you wanted a shot by adjusting timer to 2 or 3 seconds but couldn't find a surface to remove things from being blurred. This small tripod could have been a life saver in such situation.

  • Easily adjustable still shooting
  • Rubber surface for smooth hold
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Move around quickly without getting techie 
  • Fits with DSLR as well as a plus
  • 2- Frenzy Deals Spider/Disc Legs Tripod

    This one, you have already witnessed in small tripods above. Well it was made primarily for small cameras where you can set timer and let the camera capture image at a perfect angle. This one is really flexible when it comes to usage.

  • 12 inch size
  • Very flexible rubber legs to hold
  • Can be used for any camera mount
  • Premium HD rugged Tripod 3 in 1

    Now this one here, has it all figured out for you.  Use it for your digital camera now and you might wanna stuck your iphone later, how about a heavy load dslr. Yes, heads up by this small tripod for all in one services. It costs only $28.33

    Why you should buy it?

    • Huge fan following from public to media, every one gossiped about it.
    • It has bluetooth enabled remote
    • Available as a kit
    • Material quality is really good
    • A must visit product on Amazon

    Small Camera Stand:

    Any of the small camera tripods featured above work as a perfect "Small camera stand". A camera stand is mostly used by professional photographers for sports or wild life photography where tripod with 3 extra just don't fit in.

    Similarly, a small camera stand can make it's way to private parties or wedding ceremonies where you might occasionally want to hold of camera stand in your hands.

    The 3rd entry in 3 small camera tripods hold off as a perfect example for small camera stand. It covers wide usage of devices and intelligent features to hold on to the medal of "Good Investment for beginners"


    So it's really hard to pick the one best small tripod or best camera stand. It widely depends on usage and what your goal is. However, if you are not sure and buying it as a gift for someone, go for Premium HD rugged tripod 3 in 1

    Once you have realized your goal for buying small travel tripod (explained many along with lists) it will be much easier to find the "Best small tripod"