5 Small DSLR Tripods you must see before buying

DSLR Tripod can be a life saver at times. Tripods are not all the same and always about the same. You might need a tripod for food photography at your next client's restaurant. That big guy, the one you have with you all the time just don't fit for that perfect shot you are imagining.

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These are our Top picks for small dslr tripods. Have a look


Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod

As you can see, a simple small sized dslr tripod with 360 ball head movement. It's extremely lightweight and easy to grab. That red button lets you adjust your dslr at any angle with a simple push. Costs just $29.99.


Altura Photo Mini Tripod Tabletop Stand for DSLR

It's thick legs provide a satisfying stability. You can easily adjust legs. Thanks to it's rubber cover, the stand provides a good grip. It is extremely lightweight .  Angle Adjustment comes with a single button. Costs just $10.99 which you can get back with 3 months money back guarantee.


RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod 

This can work as full fledged basic tripod in times and also fix anywhere on small surface. It's an Aluminium material lightweight tripod with easy to adjust tilt head. Comes with a free bag and costs only $29.9.


Zomei Mini Desktop Tripod 

It's another Aluminium lightweight tripod with 360 degrees ball head to rotate and adjust dslr quickly. The good part is, it's not only a small dslr tripod. It can also adjust samsung, iphone and other small point and shoot cameras. So it really is all in one bundle.


Bestshoot Desktop Mini Tripod

Let's talk about the sexy stuff. This portable lightweight tripod for dslr weighs just 0.53 kg and have length of 20 cm only. It can support any Nikon. Canon, Sony DSLRs with weight up to 3kg. However it's top head angle adjustment figure is 88 degrees only.

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