My Best Small Camera Tripod for Smartphone

A smartphone is the first device which allows us to experience the world of photography. Whereas, now a day’s most us keep our phones with us so we can capture the beautiful places we pass by. And whereby, due to the advance in technology a good phone camera does a pretty decent job. Moreover, a small camera tripod for Smartphone is always an essential tool. Therefore, if you can find a small camera stand with affordable price, it’s cherry on the cake. Whereas, there are a lot of smartphones which have good quality cameras. That’s why anyone can become a professional photographer by simply shooting through a smartphone. Whereas, a best small tripod is required for capturing quality pictures. And to help you out, we have combined a list of small travel tripod with affordable prices. In addition, this small camera tripod is for all amateur or mature photographers. And with such a small tripod, you can take your photography to next level. All you need is your smartphone and a low-budget small camera tripod to become a well-known photographer.

So if you are planning to embark upon a journey, we’ll help you in deciding your best small tripod. Especially, those who are w photography, they can have this low-budget best small tripod. Moreover, we have enlisted some of the cheap small tripods with unbelievably amazing results. Therefore, we have mentioned the prices too, so you can have the full detail of the products.

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The Best Lightweight Small Camera Tripod under $18.50

The PEDCO UltraPod-2 is the most reliable compact small camera tripod. In addition, it is most lightweight with fold-out legs and non-slip vinyl feet. Whereas, It can fit any Smartphone easily. In addition, it can be easily carried in pocket due to its small size. Moreover, it has many features which are mentioned below.

  • First of all, this small camera tripod has a unique quality of adjusting with any Smartphone. Besides, it can be used with any DSLR.
  • Secondly, it contains D-ring VELCRO brand cinch straps which secure it from the railing or any sturdy object.
  • Moreover, it contains just 6 pound which means 2.7 kg. Therefore, it is considered the best small travel tripod.
  • In addition, it is made in the USA and contain a lifetime warranty.

Last but not least, it costs only $18.50 which is quite cheap and affordable


I honestly loved this little tripod. It was really small and versatile for the things I used it but I only got to enjoy it briefly because I got it stolen a few weeks after purchasing along with my camera and other equipment. I wish I could have another one but currently trying to recover. Truly very helpful tool for anyone looking to shoot some photos or even self recording.

The Extraordinary Small Camera Stand under $20.95

The Ulanzi ST-03 is the most extraordinary small travel tripod. In addition, this small camera tripod contains Arca-Style Quick Release Plate. Therefore, due to this feature, it is compatible with all types of Smartphones. However, the list of its amazing qualities is quite long. And therefore, we have enlisted some of best characteristics of this best small tripod below.

  • First of all, it contains high quality and security phone tripod adapter. And this option is useful for shooting in the best possible way.
  • Secondly, the small camera tripod contains rubber feet which protect it from water or any hard surface.
  • In addition, it contains a hidden cold shoe mount. And this option allows mounting the video microphone and video light on the top of phone mount.
  • The small camera tripod contains the length of 4 inches which is easily moveable. Moreover, it is also considered a portable tool because of its size. Whereas, it can be easily carried in a pocket.
  • And above all, it costs only $20.95.
  • Last but not the least; the small travel tripod is compatible with 4.3 inches to 7 inches screen of the smartphone.

               Ulanzi ST-03 


Super cool! METAL smartphone tripod mount is sturdy and holds my phone TIGHT. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. ​
I had another mount that I bought before, but it was made of a rubber strap with plastic connectors. It was terrible and if I could get it tight enough to hold the phone, it would pop off. I do not want to trust my precious phone to such a setup. I would totally trust this metal smartphone mount.


A smartphone is always a reliable tool for capturing the best moments of your life. Whereas, it is the only device which everyone can carry easily. And for those who want to shoot on their smartphones, they wish to have all the tools in their pockets. Therefore, a best small tripod is something every photographer desires for. And so the wait is over! We have enlisted some of the best small tripod which has affordable prices. Therefore, now even the smartphone users can become a professional photographer. Whereas, a low-budget small tripod is always considered a necessary tool. Therefore, it’s always a good technique to search small camera tripod which has cheap prices. And hence, a pocket size small camera tripod is always the best option.

Therefore, just select any of the small camera tripod for Smartphone as mentioned in the article and start shooting the way you like. And do professional photography through the smartphone.

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