The Really Right Stuff Travel Tripod Specifications

Last updated on February 9th, 2021

While buying a tripod people are much worried about the tripod cost. Well, why should not they be? If you are really working hard for your career you need to do budgeting a lot.

Therefore, they tend to move towards buying an affordable or cheap tripod with amazing specifications and quality. However, the actual problem here arises that most of the cheap tripods are not worthy enough.

They will break off after a few days. Moreover, they do not even efficient enough in performance. Hence, buying really right stuff travel tripod can always be the right choice.

The really right stuff travel tripod has also introduced landscape tripod. This well-known products provider gets amazing really right stuff review all the time.

Moreover, the tripod cost they offer is also reasonable for the products they introduce. They are also known for providing the best quality tripods.

These tripods have the ability to provide stability to the camera and also shall help the photographer to shoot at different angles without any problem.





TVC-34L with BH-40 ball head 

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Carbon Fiber Tripod: Really Right Stuff Travel Tripod

For traveling it is always being clever to have a tripod which is light in weight. And it would be even more convenient if you buy a tripod with a compact design. What if we tell you that the products’ specification we are about to tell has all the important elements.

These important elements can make your traveling easier. Also, this product has the tendency to help you in getting high-quality images and videos. The TVC-34L with BH-40 ball head has all the elements the best really right stuff travel tripod must have. To find out if that is really true then see the specifications mentioned below.

  • This tripod is light in weight and has compact design as it is composed of carbon fiber.
  • Moreover, it weighs only 2.3 pounds which is why it is the best travel tripod.
  • This really right stuff travel tripod has the tendency to hold weight up to 25 pounds.
  • Also, the height of this best landscape tripod ranges from 2 inches to 47.6 inches.
  • This tripod can be folded and it can be extended up to 17.2 inches when folded.
  • It does not have a center column but it comes with 4-sectioned legs.
  • Furthermore, this really right stuff travel tripod has rubber feet which increases the stability.
  • The best thing about this tripod is that it comes with reversible and removable mounting stud.

TVC-34L with BH-40 ball head

Really Right Stuff Travel Tripod

” This is the best tripod for traveling. I would recommed it.”


Getting a tripod with good quality and affordable price can be really difficult. But this problem has been eliminated by the really right stuff tripod. It is not only light in weight, stable and durable but it also helps to capture images from different angles.

Imagine, having such a tripod can help you to explore the creativity you have in the back of your head. So, wasting your time and get yourself the most amazing travel tripod.

This shall be the tripod you would be needing for so long. With any hassle, you will travel along with your tripod and explore the world to its very best form.

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