QZSD Q166A Portable Mini Tripod: The Best Travel Tripod

Last updated on February 9th, 2021


After camera tripod is the most important tool in photography kit. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any movement which can vibrate your camera.

Tripods just don’t hold the cameras; however, they also hold your phone and camcorders still without producing and vibration to deliver the best result.

There are many tripods are available in the market by different tripod brands. If you love traveling then the compact travel tripod is the best option for you. QZSD Q166A portable mini tripod is one of the best tripods for travelers.

You can also buy tripods which head mount has a universal standard screw so you can use it with different types of cameras and camcorders.

However, some tripod brands offer separate tripod accessories such as phone holder so you can use your camera tripod with your smartphone with the help of its phone holder.

Thus, you don’t have to take two separate tripods for your camera and smartphone. The traveler always prefers the portable and best lightweight tripod which they can carry easily with them.

it is not necessary that only an expensive tripod have made of the best quality material or has the best features. You can also buy a friendly budget best tripod.

If you are looking for the best portable traveling mini tripod then you should go for QZSD Q166A Portable mini tripod. Although, this tripod is a mini tripod it works really great.

The question which is making you worried that where to buy this tripod then don’t worry simply visit Amazon. To order tripod from Amazon is very simple and they will diver your tripod on your doorstep.

Mini Tripod: QZSD Q166A Portable Mini Tripod

If you are looking for a compact travel tripod with good quality and great features then simply buy QZSD Q166A Aluminum Alloy Portable Traveling Desktop Mini Tripod.

This is a simple but great video tripod.  The QZSD Q166A portable mini tripod is a lightweight compact size best tripod. You can also use this portable mini traveling tripod for traveling and wildlife photography.

Moreover, this tripod has many great features and you can buy this tripod at a very reasonable price.


  • The material which is used in this portable traveling mini tripod is a high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • It is has a dissemble camera ball head; moreover, the non-slip rubber sponge and rubber pad make this tripod sturdy on any type of surface.
  • This tripod is a sturdy tripod; however, it has a spring hook for hanging the additional weight which makes this tripod studier.
  • Moreover, this compact travel tripod is the best tripod for the macro and low angle shoot.
  • It is also a flexible tripod; moreover, a phone holder and Bluetooth remote come with this tripod. The remote makes easy for you to takes selfies when you are traveling alone; moreover, you can click sharp group photos with your family and friends.
  • The minimum operating height of this tripod is 90mm which is about 3.55-inch; however, you can extend the height of this tripod up to its maximum operating height which is 21.85-inch.
  • The weight of this lightweight tripod is just 962g which is about 2.2lbs.
  • The length of this tripod is 200mm which is about 7.8-inch when folded. You can easily carry this compact size tripod with you anywhere and it can easily fit in your back bag.
  • Moreover, this tripod is compatible with cameras, smartphones and camcorders and so on.
  • With all these great features and qualities you can buy this tripod at a very reasonable price.

       QZSD Q166A Aluminum Alloy Portable Traveling                                                   Desktop Mini Tripod

QZSD Q166A Portable Mini Tripod

  • “It is an amazing tripod. The features are great. Moreover, it is a friendly budget tripod.”

An Amazing Tripod: QZSD Q166A Portable Mini Tripod Review.

Travelers always prefer a lightweight and compact tripod so they easily carry it with them on their trips. The QZSD Q166A portable mini tripod is simply one of the best tripods.

This tripod is made of the good quality material which makes it durable. Therefore, it has many great features that you really want to have on your tripod.

This tripod is not only compatible with cameras; moreover, you can use this amazing tripod with your smartphones, camcorders, and DSLR.

In short, when you buy this tripod you don’t need to think about to buy another tripod for your other photography gadgets. Moreover, this tripod really helps you to click the macro angle images.

It is a great tripod which you can buy at a very reasonable price.


If photography is your passion and you want to click images that can take every one breath or record high-quality video then the QZSD Q166A portable mini tripod is the best buy.

This tripod has amazing features. The quality of this tripod is really great.

When you buy an expensive camera with a heavy lens or camcorder the high-quality tripod should be your priority because only a quality tripod can make your device safe and sturdy.

An expensive tripod not only has good quality and features you can also buy an affordable tripod with great feature and quality; therefore, you only have to search for it.

If you are not a professional photographer then visit Amazon. Amazon has a collection of different tripods by different tripod brands.

Moreover, the price of every tripod is mentioned with all tripods, so you can buy a tripod according to your budget. The product reviews are also mentioned below every tripod,

So you can read the personal experiences of the users. To make your camera stable with a heavy lens this tripod has spring hook to hang additional weight to make this tripod studier for your camera.

If you love traveling and want a compact tripod which has great quality and easy to carry then QZSD Q166A mini tripod is the best option for you.

This tripod is made of high quality and it is compatible with all types of cameras, smartphones, and camcorders. So you only have to carry only one tripod for all of your devices.

It is an amazing tripod which keeps your camera stable on any type of surface. For more related articles please visit our website www.Mytraveltripod.com.

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