Pro 72 Super Strong Tripod With Deluxe Soft Carrying Case For Canon VIXIA HF R700, HF R72, HF R70, HF R62, HF R60, HF R600, HF R82, HF R80, HF R800, HF G10, HF G20, HF G30, HF G40, Camcorder

The East kit includes desktop accessories that the camera Canon Legria HF according to the R52, HF R50, HF R500 HF G40, G30 HF, HF G20, G10 HF, HF need to S30, HF M41, HF M40, HF M400, HR 21, 20 HF, HF R200, RF M52, RF M50, HF M500, HF R32, HF R30, HF R300, HF R62, HF R60, HF R600, VIXIA HF R700, LEGRIA HF R72, LEGRIA HF R70, LEGRIA HF R800, HF R80 , HF R82 HD video

The kit includes:
1) Tripod of 72 full Size inches with Tricolor luxury
2) Bread cleaning microfibra Butterfly Photo – Quito con las huellas digital Seguridad y from the dust, clean sin-of uso de Productos químicos

Tripied photos and videos of 72 inches with box:

This film was made with 72 photos and is currently in e-commerce and IT available. Tiene puntas rubber leveling self-leveling, así como de niveles incorporados bladder. It has a header section 3 ways and 3 legs. Even passenger passengers and guarantee the 10-year warranty. Ligero, versatile asequible here, from stand 72 ‘es un gran tripod for todos los levels of photographers of experience.

Product Specification:
– Special transport handle
– General Mailbox Hook
– Padded potatoes of Foam
– Rapid release knob
– Rotating non-slip feet
– Indicator Two level of Bubble
– Estette of waterproof vans
– 2 Loses of alienation of aluminum profiles
– Panhead 3 with movement of inclination
– Poloo support immune center
– Lightweight and compact design
– 72 “Height, but it crashes to 26”
– 26 “lowest Height from-the Ground
– Manive easily for adjustable central station
– 10 years limited warranty

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