10 Best Portable Tripods for DSLRs

Looking for a portable tripod for DSLR? Whether you have a DSLR or camcorder or just a point and shoot camera. The most basic necessity of any traveler is a best portable DSLR tripod which doesn't only fit the usage and specific requirements but also easy to move. 

Here is the list to choose your best portable tripod for travel.





ZOMEI 55" Lightweight Portable Camera Tripod

278 Customer Reviews


Innertek 62" Portable Tripod for DSLRs

27 Customer Reviews


JOBY Gorillapod with ballhead Portable Tripod

1300 Customer Reviews


Albott 70-inch DSLR Portable Tripod

377 Customer Reviews


Sobrovo DSLR Portable Tripod 60-inch

7 Customer Reviews


Bontend Smartphone & DSLR portable Tripod

398 Customer Reviews


Bonfoto Q111  55-inch Portable Tripod for DSLRs

357 Customer Reviews


Neewer 70-inches Portable Tripod

for DSLR

121 Customer Reviews


Kamisafe Portable Camera Tripod

73 Customer Reviews


Fantaseal DSLR Camera Tripod

182 Customer Reviews

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Best Portable Tripod for DSLR:

Best Portable Tripod for DSLR

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Zomei 55-inch portable tripod is the best among chosen top 10 because according to customers it 

  • Feel sturdy
  • it's lightweight and compact
  • the best portable tripod in it's price available
  • the small base is always available
  • easy to fix and release dslr
  • A very solid stuff

Best Portable Tripod:

However, the Zomei might lack some perfections. This space is filled by Innertek 62 inch portable tripod that takes

Best portable Tripod

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  • practical approach to usage of professional DSLRs
  • lightweight and compact
  • 3 way adjustable head
  • Portable handgrip
  • Ease of usage

This Tripod is somehow the best portable tripod for a reasonable price containing all the features of a professional tripod. DSLR users have claimed it to use this in studio as well as outdoor without any complaints. With a good quality ball head, it rolls out to a really small size for easy carrying.

Small Portable Tripod

Enough about the DSLRs. The Best Camera Tripod spot is taken by JOBY with massive 1300 registered reviews from verified users.

If you have a party downstairs or going out on a cousin's wedding this one can hide under your coat or jacket. This one is also included in the list of 5 portable tripods for camera according to affordability.

Best Portable Camera Tripod

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It can be molded to any place with quick release facility i.e it feels like the whole tool is made for ease of use. Surprisingly it will cost a bit more than above 2 tripods but hey, you get what you paid for. right?

Best Portable Tripod for Travel

If your first preference is to travel and have a tripod that's lightest in terms of weight, smallest in terms of compactness and stable in terms of usage. The award of "Best portable tripod for travelling" goes to Bonfoto Q111

Best portable tripod for Travel

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Despite that it has got sexiest of looks among Tripods, it is an all-rounder. It can support your cell phones, camcorders, SLRs, point & shoot cameras and everything else. 


Whether it's your next holiday or next trip the lightweight portable tripods  are going to be the best alternative to hanging your DSLRs in hand. Missing all the special moments, those long captures.

Standard sized tripods are fine if you have got 10 kg weight of bag packed with you. You shouldn't bother about the weight in that case.

However, if you have got same college bag with some pajamas and t-shirts then yes of course go for a small portable tripod like JOBY Gorilapod. Small in size, they are easy to carry, can stuck anywhere and stable enough to hold small Cameras.