POLAM-FOTO 55″ Travel Camera Tripod Review

Last updated on February 9th, 2021


Filmmaking has been made easy with the help of several pieces of equipment being used. One of the types of equipment which make the filmmaking easy is the video tripod.

The video tripod assists the photographer to bring quality to the video clips. Consequently, more audience shall get attracted to the work.

Also, the efforts required for the promotions of the video would become minimal as well. However, the question here arises that which type of video camera stand one should go for?

This can be answered as doing lots of research. Moreover, you need to keep the requirements of your work environment in mind as well.

But we got your back in this as the POLAM-FOTO Tripod is one of the best video camera stands.


The POLAM-FOTO tripod has got all the essentials a professional video tripod requires. But first, you need to know what actually a professional video tripod needs?

A video camera tripod with the best quality is strongly constructed. Always look up while purchasing a video camera tripod that how it has been manufactured.

If cannot find that at least get to know what it is actually composed of. The reason for knowing about the composition is that it can help in taking the tripod for video camera along with you where it seems suitable enough.

Every tripod for video camera has a different capacity of bearing the atmosphere around it.

Like, if you are going to make videos while traveling the travel video tripod needs to be strong enough to bear the environment around it.

However, the product POLAM-FOTO tripod can be considered as the best travel video tripod. But you can only get to know about it if you look into its features given below.

POLAM-FOTO Tripod 55” Travel Camera Tripod

In the world of web series and social media accounts, video making has become quite common. However, if you want to make this as your source of income then you need to spend time on the quality.

The quality should be seen in the content as well as in the video. Therefore, a DSLR camera and DSLR video tripod are quite essential to own.

However, the environment and work requirements need to be considered. Most importantly, the budget needs to be considered as well.

To own a budget-friendly video tripod, we have short-listed the best video tripod of all time. The POLAM-FOTO tripod has been appreciated by many customers. Why don’t you look by yourself?


  1. The POLAM-FOTO tripod is the best lightweight tripod composed of aluminum and ABS environmental plastic. Moreover, the center column of this DSLR video tripod has a hook which allows the photographer to add more weight to it. This allows the tripod to get attracted to the gravity, even more, providing more stability.
  2. Furthermore, the POLAM-FOTO tripod weighs only for 1.16 kilograms. This aspect makes it be easily carried around.
  3. The best thing about POLAM-FOTO tripod is that it has a compact design. It can be folded to 17 inches. Moreover, its height ranges from 18.5 inches to 55 inches which shall allow you to shoot from different perspectives. Also, it comes along with a carrying bag. This bag helps in convenient traveling.
  4. In addition, the POLAM-FOTO tripod has a 3-way pan head. It allows the photographer to move in 360-degrees in swivel motion. You shall be able to discover new angles and perspectives.
  5. Also, this video camera tripod has the best quick-release plate with a rubber mat. This aspect ensures the safety of the device when attached or detached.
  6. Lastly, the POLAM-FOTO tripod comes with 4-sectioned legs. Also, it has a geared center column and reliable locks of quick release plate. Once the adjustments been made it shall stand there firmly.


The Product Review

Quality these matters a lot and when coming to filmmaking that cannot come by using a camera with bare hands. The video tripod shall always be needed.

However, it is up to you to select the video tripod according to the needs and environment. The tripods provide stability and also can help In looking to the world with different perspectives.

This is exactly what POLAM-FOTO Tripod provides. Keeping the personal and customer’s reviews in mind, this tripod is strongly constructed.

The aluminum that has been used in this product is quite amazing and makes the tripod strong. Along with the strength comes the stability. What else do you need?

Coming to the features of this tripod mentioned above, the POLAM-FOTO tripod is the best travel tripod. IT got all those features that you should as a professional video-maker should look for.

From 4-sectioned legs to 3-way pan head it has gotten them all. The best part is that it comes at a very reasonable price. It is a complete package, however, it is thoroughly up to you if you go for it or not.


Video Tripod is quite essential to bring the professional essence into the video. All you got to do is to search for the tripod that can bring the quality.

In the market, you shall encounter several tripods, however, you got to be patient and select one according to your needs. There can be many misrepresented product as well.

However, we are for your help and keeping the general requirements in mind we have shortlisted the best travel video tripod.

The POLAM-FOTO tripod is the best video tripod with all the essential features. Also, you will get it at a very reasonable price. However, if you find any doubts you are always welcome to look up customers’ reviews.

This shall help you in lots of ways. By doing so, you might get estimation whether this tripod is worth buying or not. To save your time from all the research and misrepresentation of the products take a look at our article.

You might like the product as it has been the best selling product for this year. So, please check out the features and reviews for better understanding.

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