A Tripod for Iphone and Ipad: Peyou Phone Camera Tablet Tripod Review

It is not true that only the professional photographers to click the perfect images for their customers. Moreover, they are not only who uses a tripod to make their work perfect.

Now a day’s everyone has their own camera with them in their pockets. Everyone has smartphones with them all the time. iPhone lovers prefer to use the camera of their phone to click the images or record video.

To get the perfect sharp result just buy peyou phone camera tablet tripod. It is an amazing tripod and compatible with iPhone and Ipad.

Why you Need a Tripod?

Some people say why should they need a tripod for their smartphone or Ipad? The answer is that if you want to capture your beautiful moments from your smartphone or Ipad then click them in a professional way.

No one likes the blur pictures and shaky videos so make them perfect use a tripod which delivers you the perfect result. Moreover, using the tripod makes you comfortable.

So you don’t need to hold your phone or tablet for a long time in one position to click the perfect picture you want.

An Aluminum Tripod: Peyou Phone Camera Tablet Tripod

If you are looking for the best lightweight tripod for your iPhone or Ipad then the PEYOU Compatible for iPad iPhone Tripod is the best buy.

It is one of the best tripods under 50. There are many tripod brands in the market which are compatible with the smartphones and tablets and peyou phone camera tablet tripod is one of them.

This tripod is made to provide stability to your phone and tablet. Moreover, it is made up of a high-quality material which makes this tripod strong enough to hold your device safe and sturdy.

Peyou phone camera tablet tripod is a friendly budget tripod so you can click the pictures which has professional look at an affordable price. This tripod is also known as a tablet tripod.

It is the best tripod for your smartphone and tablet. Moreover, not only the tripod is made up of good quality material but also the tripod accessories are made of good quality material.

With the good quality tripod accessories and strong tripod legs, you will get the perfect result every time. This is an amazing tablet tripod that you love to work with.

The tripod legs have importance to provide the stability to your device when you buy the best tripod which has the strong legs will free you from the falling of your device on the surface of the ground.

However, it is a friendly budget tripod but it also has many great features. We always try our best to provide full detail of the product which helps you to buy the perfect tripod for yourself.

The quality, features, and other details of this tripod are enlisted below.


  • It is one of the best tripods under 50. this tripod is a strong tripod and made up of aluminum. Moreover, it is tripod which holds your smartphone, tablet, and camera without falling down them.
  • Moreover, the 4-section aluminum alloy legs help you to adjust the height of this tripod. The minimum operating height of this tripod is 406mm which is about 16 inches. However, you can extend the height of this tripod to the maximum operating height of 1270mm which is about 50 inches.
  • storage of this tripod is very easy. The folded height of 463mm which is about 18.3 inches.
  • The 3-way pan head of this tripod allows you to tilt and swivel motion. So you can click the images from the different angles.
  • It comes with a detachable quick release plate. Moreover, a smartphone holder is also included in the list of the tripod accessories.
  • An easy and padded grip of the tripod mount avoids damaging your smartphone and tablet. The adjustable phone mount of this tripod fits all phones with the width between 2 inches to 3.3 inches. Moreover, the tablets with a width of 4.3 inches to 7 inches. It is compatible with IOS, Android, Samsung smartphones, tablets, and most of the cameras.
  • It is a compact size and a lightweight tripod. The tripod weighs only 1.03lbs which is about 463g but it has the maximum load capacity of 5.5lbs which is about 2.5kg.
  • A wireless Bluetooth remote comes with this tripod so you can click the perfect group selfies with your friends and family easily.
  • For travelers, a water resistance carry bag comes with this tripod so you can carry this tripod with you on your tripod without worrying about the rain. So this bag keeps your tripod safe from water.
  • This tripod has a 100% satisfaction warranty; moreover, it has a money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about anything.
PEYOU Phone Camera Tablet Tripod
  • "The dual mount supports a cell phone or an iPad and has 90* pivot so you can shoot vertical or horizontal. 
  • I felt very secure turning it 90*, the padded mount isn't going to let your device go.
  • I've just started making YouTube videos and am slowly getting props like this Tripod to make it easier."

An Amazing Tripod: Peyou Phone Camera Tablet Tripod Review

Peyou phone camera tripod is an aluminum tripod. It is a tripod that is not just for the cameras you can use this tripod for your smartphones and tablets.

This is an amazing tripod and you can enjoy the great quality and features at a very reasonable price.

The great thing about this tripod is that it is compatible with most cameras, smartphones, and tablets. So you only have to carry one tripod for all of your devices.

It is a good quality tripod with good quality tripod accessories. This tripod makes your device stable and sturdy on any type of surface.


Peyou phone camera tablet tripod is tripod which every one affords easily. It is not an expensive tripod; however, has great features and the quality of the tripod is also great.

This tripod is ideal for an outdoor shoot when you want to shoot with your camera, smartphone or tablet. Moreover, this tripod has quick flip leg lock which helps you adjust the height of this tripod according to the desired height of your work.

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