TOKYO – Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the eleven judges of the Nikon 2018-2019 Photo Contest. | Guest Posting by Jerry Y. Young

The Nikon Photo Contest, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, continues to be support by photo enthusiasts from around the world. The last competition received applications from 170 countries and regions. Image professionals, including photographers and curators working in various fields such as photojournalism, advertising, fashion, sports and wedding photography, have been select to form a diverse and international panel of experts. experienced and competent jurors for the Nikon Photo Contest 2018 – 2019. Under the direction of Judge Neville Brody, this jury will examine the competition’s applications to find new talents and contribute to the development of the culture of photography.

Judge profiles: name, profession (country/region)

  • Delly Carr, Photographer and Ambassador Nikon (Australia)
  • Parker Fitzgerald, Photographer (USA)
  • Jill Furmanovsky, Photographer (United Kingdom)
  • Carol Guzy, photojournalist and ambassador Nikon (USA)
  • Keith Ladzinski, photographer, videographer and ambassador of Nikon (USA)
  • Nadia Meli, photographer and ambassador Nikon (Italy)
  • Miho Odaka, Photo Commissioner (Japan)
  • Wing Shya, Photographer (Hong Kong)
  • Bharat Sikka, Photographer (India)
  • Gisli Snaer, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the London Film School (Iceland)
  • Jeffrey Wu, Photographer (Canada)

Nikon 2018-2019 Photo Contest

The Nikon 2018-2019 Photo Contest is the 37th contest submit to date in three categories: Open, Next Generation and Video. The entry period started at 13:00. 18 October 2018, Furthermore, is open until 1:00 pm on 31 January 2019. All who are interest in photography are invited to participate. For More Information: