Lightweight Travel Tripod: Tripods that Easy to Carry

If you like traveling and photography then the tripod should be the essential tool for you. However, for outdoor shoots, traveling and hiking lightweight travel tripod is the best choice.

There are many types of tripods are available in the market some are a lightweight tripod and some are heavy. You can search for best lightweight tripod online.

Thus, Amazon has the huge verity of best lightweight travel tripod. The lightest travel tripod makes your back bag light and easy to carry it with you on outdoor shootings and trips.

Some people think that lightweight travel tripod is expensive or they don’t support DSLR or heavyweight cameras and camcorders.

However, you can easily find the best lightweight tripod for DSLR, camera, and camcorders at the online market. The lightweight camera tripod is the basic equipment which helps you to keep your camera stable and sturdy.

In this article, we will try our best to provide the information you about the lightweight travel tripod.





ZOMEI Z666Blue Camera Compact Travel Tripod

6 Customer Reviews


Benro SLIM Aluminum Lightweight Travel Tripod Kit (TSL08AN00)

31 Customer Reviews

Amazing Tripod under 50: Lightweight Travel Tripod

Zomei Z666Blue camera compact travel tripod is the best lightweight travel tripod for DSLR. Thus, this tripod is very sturdy and easy to use.

Whenever you decide to buy a lightweight tripod for DSLR then this tripod is the right choice for you.

  • This lightweight camera tripod has 4-section column leg with instant locks.
  • This tripod is very easy to use.
  • It has 3 adjustable knobs which allow you to take a perfect shot from any angle.
  • This tripod is made up of high-quality aluminum.
  • It is lightweights but sturdy.
  • This tripod comes with a bag; thus, you can pack this tripod in it which makes easy to store your tripod safely.

          ZOMEI Z666BLUE Camera Compact Tavel Tripod

Lightweight Travel Tripod
  • "I like this tripod. It does exactly what it supposed to do. "

 Slim and Lightweight Tripod

Benro Slim carbon fiber tripod (TSL08CN00) is the best lightweight travel tripod. This tripod is slim and lightweight; thus it consumes less area.

Because of its affordable price, features, and quality, and this tripod is the best lightweight tripod. Whenever you decide to buy a tripod try to buy the lightest travel tripod with great features and quality.

The features of this tripod are enlisted below.

  • The legs of this lightweight tripod are more compact when folded because of its slim profile shoulder.
  • It has 3 legs which you can position individually on rocky or any type of surface.
  • This tripod is sturdy and easy to configure for a Variety of needs.
  • It has a removable single billhead.
  • This amazing tripod has aluminum twist locks, thus you only have to do a quick half turn to lock and unlock it.
  • It is made up of high-quality carbon fiber material.
  • This tripod has great reviews in which this tripod is highly recommended.

          Benro SLIM Aluminum Lightweight Travel Tripod Kit (TSL08AN00)

Lightweight Travel Tripod
  • "Perfect simple, compact and lightweight tripod for travel and hiking. The build quality for this low price is ridiculously good."


Tripods are very common in use for photography; however, lightweight travel tripod is highly recommended for travelers. Because of lightweight, they are easy to carry on road trips and hiking.

Anyhow, quality and features are also very important points to keep in mind while buying a tripod. You can find tripods with different price, weight, features, and quality.

The tripods which are mentioned in this article are really good quality and lightweight tripods with great reviews. For more informative articles about tripods please do visit our website