KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Mount: The Best Tripod for Smartphones

Everyone knows that tripods are not only used to make the camera stable. They are also used to provide stability to shooting lights, binoculars, camcorders and also smartphones. A good quality tripod will always help you to get the best results. Not only the quality of the tripod is important; however, the quality of the tripod accessories is also having great importance to get good and professional results. A kobraTech cell phone tripod mount is one of the important tripod accessories.

The best phone tripod has the best cell phone mount which keeps your phone safe from accidental falling down on the ground. A cellphone tripod with remote allows you to click sharp group photos with your family and friends at your personal party. There are different types of tripods are available with good quality tripod parts are available on Amazon. Moreover, some brands offer tripod kits which have tripod accessories. However, you can also buy tripod parts separately if you want.  In this article, we are going to discuss the features of the KobraTech cellphone tripod mount.

High-Quality Tripod Mount: KobraTech Cellphone Tripod Mount

If you are looking for the high-quality tripod mount then simply buy KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Mount. Moreover, the KobraTech tripod is the best photography tripod with a great quality tripod mount. KobraTech cell phone tripod is the lightweight tripod; moreover, it has the best phone tripod mount.

  • The kobraTech tripod has a universal mount. The 360 cellphone tripod mount can securely hold any size of smartphone even with a case.
  • You can use your phone in landscape and portrait mode without removing your phone from the tripod.
  • The kobraTech tripod is really amazing and lightweight tripod; moreover, it comes with a Bluetooth remote which allows clicking a perfect selfie when you travel alone.
  • Moreover, the universal mount has 2×1/4-inch screw holes; thus, you can mount it on any tripod or monopod with a ¼-inch mount.
  • The tripod comes with a 60 days 100% money back guarantee; moreover, it has a 2-year warranty so you can buy it without any doubts.

                    KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Mount

KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Mount

Product arrived on time and able to use within two minutes of opening. Works great, no issues.

A Universal Tripod Mount: KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Mount Review.

A kobraTech tripod mount is made up of high-quality. Moreover, it is durable and very easy to use. It is very easy to install and setup. The control knobs are very functional. Moreover, it holds your smartphone securely. You can use your phone in landscape and portrait mode without removing your phone from it and it. The best part is that you don’t have to use the timer on the phone camera to click group photos just use the Bluetooth remote; moreover, the remote has a range of 30ft.


Always buy a tripod with good quality accessories. The tripod mount is one the important accessory of the tripod. The cell phone tripod mount keeps your phone safe and helps you to get perfect images from the different direction. The KobraTech cell phone tripod mount is a universal mount; moreover, the Bluetooth remote really helps you to click memorable perfect selfies. A KobraTech tripod is a lightweight tripod so you can take this tripod with you on your trips and click perfect selfies. If you want to read more related articles then please visit our website www.Mytraveltripod.com.

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