How To Take Great Camping Pictures

How To Take Great Camping Pictures

Last updated on February 9th, 2021

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So, we’ve all been there. Tent pitched in a beautiful place and we want to share the glory of nature with our friends. We snap away then check the pictures we’ve taken and they are but a dim reflection of the real thing. But never fear, help is now at hand. Transform your camping pictures with these easy to follow steps:

Step One – Plan your shots

Use pictures to tell the story of your trip. This means planning when you are going to take pictures otherwise your shots will just be random and you may have missed the best parts of the trip! You can even start at the packing phase when you’re trying to travel light but end up piling everything but the kitchen sink into the boot, including the cat!

Step Two – Light

It sounds very obvious but lighting is absolutely key to good photos. Everything looks better with the right lighting and even your camping trip will be captured for all eternity in glorious splendour if you get this right. You can bring along your own lighting or make the most of natural light.

Sunrises and sunsets often create the best lighting and soften the lines making every object magically glow. It may take you a while to master the art of controlling light in your pictures but it is well worth the time. Avoid taking pictures of the light full on and play around with different angles until it looks just right and creates the ambiance you are looking for.

Step Three – Make it authentic

Camping is never a clean experience so just go with the flow and enjoy getting down and grubby. Some of the best photos are those incidents that make you laugh until you cry like when your best mate falls over in the mud trying to pitch the tent. Snap away so that the photo doesn’t look posed and you’ll be amazed at the fun a photo can convey.

Use camping objects to frame the pictures like the entrance to the tent or the hammock you’ve hung from a tree. Even utensils can look good if placed correctly. 

Step Four – Use food to entice!

We all love to eat toasted marshmallows and charcoaled baked potatoes. These foods evoke the child in all of us so make sure you share these experiences on your trip. Show pictures of the preparation, cooking and the feast. Make sure that the pictures capture the fun of eating with your hands or getting tomato sauce all over your mouth. 

We want these pictures to evoke the feeling of plenty and satisfaction so one sausage on a plate is never going to do the trick. Pile food up high and make sure there is a beer or glass of wine to really make everyone jealous!

Finally, when all is said and done, comfort on your trip is key. If you’re relaxed in a chilled environment, you’ll have the best time. The humble tent has been transformed over the years so why not check out these amazing tents at

Happy camping all!

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