Gitzo GT1542T Traveler Tripod Review

Gitzo GT1542T Traveler Tripod Review

A tripod is definitely a necessity for photographers, especially for those who are professionals. It is very helpful in capturing ideal shots in various settings. It is very convenient to set up and adjust and provides support for the camera in the perfect position in order for you to get the best angle for the picture.

Travel tripod reduces movement of the camera when it is mounted on top. This reduces the risk of camera shake, especially in times when a slower shutter speed is used. As a result, you get an image with a commendable quality.

Aside from holding the camera, tripods also serve as a stand that holds the flash units, reflectors, and slaves. It also lets you pan smoothly when recording a video. There are tripod models that can place a camera just a few inches off the ground, to all the way above your eye level.

This gives you better positioning and more angle opportunities to take the shot. The best tripod brands all exhibit carbon fiber construction, portability, security, and stability. These are the things that you should look for to get the most out of the money you invest in a tripod.

One of the products you should consider is the Gitzo GT1542T Traveler Tripod. It comes at a very competitive price, and its features won’t put you at a disadvantage as well.

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With all the products available on the market today, it’s hard to choose which one will tailor fit all of your requirements as a photographer. This is why it is important to choose a product that has features necessary for all its function as a tripod. The Gitzo GT1542T is one good example and these are the features that make it one of the best sellers:

  • Easy Adjustment—It features a center column locking collar that not only secures the camera, but also allows easy and quick adjustment to the column
  • Stability—Its design is intended to prevent the rotation of the column, thereby improving the stability of the camera
  • Better angle—The removable center column allows you to shoot closer to the ground, and in any level to above eye level
  • More stability—It features a counterweight hook which is attached at the bottom of the center column where you can put a counterweight to add more stability
  • Great support—Its anti-leg rotation keeps the tripod steady while allowing easy set-up with its automatic twist locks


The Gitzo GT1542T is extremely lightweight tripod, made from high-quality carbon fiber. This tripod is designed such that it is easy to set up and adjust. Its center column locking collar allows quick and easy adjustment. The grooved design is added to ensure that the camera holds securely to the center column.

It has an anti-leg rotation feature that has been improved to make it easier to open and loosen the twist locks on each leg. The center column is removable, which allows you to shoot a few inches from the ground.

The legs are securely held together and are very stable; and for added stability, the center column allows you to hang a counterweight. This tripod is made out of high quality carbon fiber which guarantees strength, rigidity and vibration absorption—features that definitely makes it one of the best travel tripods available.


It has a longer center column than the 1544T, which you may find as a disadvantage when folding the tripod back to its compact size.


Compared to the Feisol Traveler tripod, which is about double the price, the features for this tripod are basically average for a tripod at its price point. Both tripods have almost the same features but the Gitzo GT1542T is more affordable than the other.


Combining the compactness and the lightweight design exclusive to the Gitzo traveler system, this tripod brings a new level of stability into the picture. Made out of quality carbon fiber, the quality and durability of this item is guaranteed. It is highly recommended for both professional and amateur photographers alike.

All of the features you can possible look for in a travel tripod are available in this product. It is definitely an excellent bargain for the price.

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