Foto4easy Universal Tripod Ball Head Black Quick QR Plate 1/4″ for Sirui TY-50X G KX

Owning a tripod is the foremost step you have to go through to achieve efficient result in the work. It is a blessing to have the best suitable tripod for your wok as they differ in sorts and functions so does the nature of your work. However, there are other accessories which need to be suitable enough to attach with the tripod. For instance, tripod head is the basic necessity when it comes to purchasing a tripod.

What is a Tripod Head?

A tripod head is the part or accessory which attaches the camera device with the tripod. Furthermore, it helps the tripod to move camera at different angles without producing any friction to it. Moreover, the camera is attached to it directly and not with the tripod legs, as even if it has been done that way the camera would not have been safe from falling while using the tripod at terrain surface.

The tripod head is also known as a ball head. The reason is that it has a ball attached to it which makes the movement of the camera smooth and fluent.

If you are planning to purchase a tripod head for your tripod then there are certain elements need to be considered and these are;

  • Sturdy and Tight Locking of the Head

It is mandatory to purchase high-quality tripod head as the professional camera shall be attached to it. The high-quality tripod head shall have the ability to hold the camera firmly, thus, you shall not have to worry about getting the camera damaged. Moreover, the sturdiness of the tripod head shall ensure the stability to the device for efficacious results.

  • Quick Release Plate

This plate has the ability to attach the camera with the tripod within seconds. Also, you can remove the device from the tripod within no time. Thus, it would be convenient for the photographer to change angles and places without any hurdles.

  • Pan Adjustments

Once you get the camera attached to the tripod, you shall not have to worry about changing angles and directions. The tripod ball head provides the convenience to move the camera in all possible directions within seconds.

Now, it is evident that owning the high-quality tripod head is essential and what roles it can play in making the work look professional and convenient. We have come with the high-quality tripod head with the features mentioned below. So, check it out and see if it well suitable for your work or not?

Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel (screw)

Length: 55 mm

Width: 50 mm

Height: 10 mm

Camera screw: 1/4 “

Suitable for: all DSLRs

Net Weight: 35g / 1.23 oz

Package included:

1 x universal quick release plate


A tripod head is the utmost important accessory to own as it is not possible to connect the camera with the tripod efficiently. Therefore, it is suggested to own the tripod head composed of high-quality material which provides the maximum of the stability. Also, make sure that the tripod head has the ability to hold the camera firmly without damaging it.

One of the best tripod heads has mentioned above along with its feature so you can make sure whether it is suitable for your tripod or not.

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