Foto4easy Octopus Flexible Portable Camera Tripod Stand for Canon Nikon Sony (M Size)

Photography has become part of every single person on this planet. However, not all can be professional in this field as there are certain factors need to be considered. The first most important factor is to have a creative mind, then owning a professional camera and tripod and lastly, to put efforts into the profession. After achieving the factors like having a creative mind and being devoted to the work the next step is to own essential tools. The foremost essential tools are; a professional camera and the second is to own a tripod. We will discuss the importance of the tripod here, as many of the photographers’ mistake it for a luxury tool beside of being the essence of the professional photography.

A tripod is three-legged equipment; its basic function is providing stability and steadiness to the camera to avoid blurry images. Furthermore, these tripods come in different design and features which make them suitable for a specific task. For instance, the octopus tripod is best suitable when you like to travel to het inspiration for your work. Also, there are heavy-duty tripods which keep the work professional and worthy if done indoors. Why indoor? Because, the heavy-duty tripods hold heavy camera devices and thus they are heavy in weight themselves. Arranging them for the shoot takes time; also, it is very difficult to take them around on your journeys. So, if you like to travel and do photography then owning a portable/flexible tripod can be much convenient for you.

Why one should own a Portable Tripod for Travelling?

If you like to travel to get inspiration for your work, then it would be wise to buy a flexible lightweight tripod. It comes with many benefits, such as;

  • You shall not have to carry them around in a separate bag as you can get them easily fit in your backpack along with other stuff.
  • Also, they are specially design for travelling to make your journey much easy.
  • The portable tripods are easy to get arranged while shoot without wasting any further time.
  • It helps the photographer to reach the angles which is not humanely possible.

It is evident from the factors mentioned above, that the portable tripods can be your best companion while travelling. Therefore, to make your journeys easier, we have come with the best portable tripod, which is not only portable but flexible as well. The flexibility of the tripod ensures that the product can help you reach to the different angles. This helps the photographer to look into different perspective which can help him/her to make the wok unique. The product along with its features is mentioned below.  


Universal (1/4 “-20 screw) & (3/8” digital camera accessories)

Removable connection accessories with unlock button

Each leg has nine black ball joints with 360 turning ranges

Size: approximately: 255 x 45 x 45 mm

Maximum load: 5 kg

The package includes:

1x large flexible universal tripod


The octopus flexible and portable tripod has been the most demanding tripod of the year. Due to its flexible legs it makes the photography in the woods much fascinating and convenient. Moreover, it has the capability to get attached around the limbs of the trees, post lamps and many other stuff which helps in seeing through different perspective. The best thing about this tripod is that it comes with several other features which are mentioned above. Also, the customer reviews have also been positive about this product.

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