Feisol Traveler Tripod: High-Quality Carbon Travel Tripod

Tripods are made to provide stability to your camera on any type of surface. There are different types of tripods are available which are made of different type of materials are available in the market.

Travelers mostly like to buy and use carbon tripod and the aluminum tripod. However, both are light in weight but carbon tripod is mostly shock resistance and sturdier than an aluminum tripod.

Feisol traveler tripod is included in the list of top travel tripods. Best lightweight travel tripod is the first choice of the travelers because they have to shoot in different climates.

Professional photographers mostly select the best carbon fiber tripod; thus, they are super sturdy and solid tripods. Moreover, they deliver the best perfect sharp image.

Amazon has a huge range of top travel tripods; however, the feisol tripod is one of them. Feisol traveler tripod is a solid, sturdy and best lightweight travel tripod.

This tripod is an amazing tripod with great features.

Solid and Sturdy Tripod: Feisol Traveler Tripod

Always buy a tripod which has solid and sturdy legs.  Feisol Traveler Tripod 4 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod is a high-quality travel tripod.

The feisol tripod is amazing in its work; thus, it keeps your camera safe and sturdy. Moreover, it avoids the vibration which is produced by its user.

Feisol traveler tripod is a little expensive tripod; however, its quality and features really worth it.

  • It is a high-quality carbon fiber tripod.
  • The height of this tripod is 9.5-cm which is about 3.74-inch.
  • The weight of this tripod is 0.93-lbs; thus, it is a lightweight tripod. However, you can carry this tripod with you on your trips whether it is a road tripod or hiking.
  • It is a ball-head tripod. However, the ball diameter of the tripod is 40-mm which is about 1.57-inch.
  • Moreover, this tripod can deal with the maximum weight of 33lbs which is about 15-kg.
  • It is a super sturdy tripod; however, it has a hook on the bottom of a center column to for additional weight to make this tripod studier.
Feisol Traveler Tripod
  • "Incredible tripod, weighs more than expected with the ballhead but the camera doesn't even move a milimeter when I click the shutter. Super sturdy."

Travel Tripod: Feisol Traveler Tripod Review

The feisol tripod is a high-quality tripod. It keeps your camera sturdy and best and sharp image is the main target of this tripod. The solid tripod legs keep your camera stable;

However, the ball-head provides you a really smooth movement to your camera. This tripod is extremely light; moreover, it is a stable and durable tripod.

This tripod keeps your camera stable; however, the hook of the center column is the plus point. In simple words, this tripod is an amazing tripod.

This tripod has many great reviews given by its users. You will simply love this tripod after using it.


Feisol traveler tripod is a light-weight carbon fiber tripod. if you are traveling alone then this tripod is the best choice because you can click sharp selfies with it.

This is an ideal tripod for an indoor and outdoor shoot. Moreover, this tripod delivers you the professional results. To get the perfect and memorable image this tripod is the best choice.

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