Feisol Traveler Tripod Review

Feisol Travel Tripod review

As professional photographers are aware, tripods are one of the most important accessories for a camera. It allows you to take critical photographs that need good stability at long time exposures. To own one gives you more ease at taking better quality photos.

It let you capture priceless photos aside from the usual close-up flowers, crafts, jewelry among others. A good, decent tripod will also allow you to use slower shutter speeds, so unnecessary movement is prevented from causing camera shake. This will not limit you to use smaller lens openings for a greater depth of field.

The greater the depth of field you need, the smaller the lens opening it requires. Taking photos needs adequate amount of light. To be able to pick a smaller lens opening, you need to add more light (you can use flash or any external lights), and a slower shutter speed, so you can see why a tripod would be necessary.

To give you enough time to breathe after you’ve set up the focusing, framing and exposure before clicking to take the picture, the camera should be mounted in a tripod. That is why the use of tripod makes taking pictures so much more comfortable.

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  • It is composed of top-quality carbon fiber and high grade CNC-milled 6061 T6 solid block aluminum
  • It has anti-leg-rotation technology so it does not move when you’re taking the picture
  • It’s reverse-folding legs that flip up to 180° for maximum compactness, allows you to fit it into any carry-on luggage bag, which makes it a good travel companion
  • Feisol Traveler Tripod can extend up to 73.6” (187 cm) including the ball head
  • It is relatively lightweight
  • The Feisol Traveler Tripod comes with an interesting design
  • Its stability is reliable
  • It is made of both aluminum and carbon fiber that balances stability and lightness
  • The tripod comes with a tripod bag for you to carry and store it


The Feisol Traveler Tripod is very sturdy, which is a good thing since that is what you’re really after in a tripod. Very little flex in the legs is ensured. The legs are pretty large despite its weight, so it is easier to grip. The carbon fiber tubes are pretty thick, and you can telescope the center column if necessary.

It’s essentially tall with the center of the column extending about 4”, including the ball head and the camera itself. You can carry it with you wherever you want to take photos. The Feisol Traveler Tripod can easily fit into a suitcase or backpack.

This travel tripod will let you shoot your favorite rocky spots without having to worry about travel and stability. Its rapid-leg system, or the legs that are not rotating, feel sturdy, and it keeps the tripod from collapsing; it is well-balanced. The head is also very sturdy so it stays still if locked. It comes with a tripod bag for better handling.

It is made with the best combination of the aluminum and carbon fiber materials which are both known to provide both stability and lightness. You can trust that it can carry lights and reflectors, aside from the camera itself. It is also beautifully designed and offers better durability.


When the tripod is folded up, it doesn’t seem to be that tight, which means that it doesn’t close in completely. Although this is not really a big problem, you can still tell the difference when carrying a tripod that is entirely folded up, compared to this one.

Despite its weight, which is relatively light, the Feisol Traveler Tripod is actually bulky. Maybe this is the reason why it does not fold up completely. However, this is one of the factors that makes it really stable.


When two of the best tripods on the market are put side by side, you will see how one is better than the other. Between the Feisol Traveller and the Globe Trotter tripods, one easy point for comparison will be the price. The former is about $100 more expensive than the latter, but the difference is justified with the features it has.


Many tripods available now on the market offer the same lightweight and stability features. The Feisol Traveler Tripod offers the same with much more credibility on its stability. So aside from it being lightweight, you can also trust that it will keep your camera well off the ground.

Since it has better stability than most tripods sold, you are assured that it can also be very useful for supporting or mounting lights, reflectors, and backgrounds by simply installing the ¼-20 screw thread that every standard tripod has.

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