Dolica P104 Pro Level Tripod Pan Head, Black, compact

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Professional Dolica P104 Panorama Head is a classic 3-way design with the panoramic head. A 3-way panoramic post allows you to move, tilt up and down and tilt to the side.

This three-way design is very precise for shooting the subject for vertical and horizontal shots. With separate tilt and tilt arms, you can easily position the camera by moving the arms of the tablet.

The rotational position is improved by the movement of the liquid to the left and right. The Dolica P104 is also suitable for horizontal panoramas as well as those with the same tilt angle.

This 3-way head can charge a camera up to 15.4 lbs. and makes it suitable for digital SLR cameras for beginners, middle-class and professionals. It has upgraded features, such as the basic spirit level, high quality corner markings and the quick release lock.