DIGIANT ZD002-62 Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod

A good quality tripod is very necessary to get the best quality results. There are many different quality tripods are available in the market but you have to select the perfect tripod which can meet the requirements or your work. Always select a tripod according to the weight of your device. If you want to buy a multi-functional tripod then DIGIANT ZD002-62 Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod is a good choice. This aluminum tripod has really amazing features and you will feel comfortable while working with this tripod. Moreover, it is an amazing tripod and you will defiantly get amazing results when you use it.

Every tripod is different from the other. There are many different tripods some are small, some are portable, and some are multi-functional. DIGIANT ZD002-62 Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod is a multi-functional tripod. It comes with a good quality quick release plate so you can attach and detach your camera in seconds. The best thing is that an extra plate comes with this tripod. Moreover, a smartphone tripod mount is also included in its accessories. For best results always use a good quality tripod with good quality accessories.

Some people love to click pictures with their smartphones but can click the perfect clear picture or taking a group photo is not possible with a tripod. With the help of this tripod, you can click a perfect group photo with your friends and family. No one likes the blur pictures and shaky videos so to get perfect ones do use a tripod. It is not true that only professional photographers use tripods. Yes, the professional tripods are expensive but you can use a friendly budget tripod. Many tripods are offering good quality tripods at a very reasonable price and DIGIANT ZD002-62 Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod is one of them.


DIGIANT ZD002-62 Portable Aluminum Lightweight Tripod with 3 Panhead Heads. Features – 1. Material: aluminum. 2. Maximum height: 157 cm / 62 inches. 3. Minimum height: 60 cm / 23 inches. 4.

Fold height: 64 cm / 25 inches. 5. Sections of Legs: 3. 6. Type of Head: Pan Head. 7. Leg locking type: flip-lock. 8. Pan area: 180 degrees. 9. Quick release plate: yes. The 10th level of the mind: yes. 11.

Tripod weight: 0.93 kg / 2 lb. Delivery: 1. 1 62-inch DIGIANT tripod. 2. 1 x tripod. 3. 1 x additional plate.

4. 1 x Tripod for Smartphone. The quick change reversing head with swiveling 180 degrees swirls all three legs together to an elegant and compact size.

Self-aligning ball feet provide stability on uneven surfaces and provide a height of 23 to 62 inches. Its lightweight design makes it easy to take anywhere.

Lightweight: The DGIANT camera stand with aluminum alloy tube is perfect for all events, such as sports activities, camps, family reunions and much more.


It is very important that you buy a tripod which meets the necessity of your work to deliver you the quality results that you want. DIGIANT ZD002-62 Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod is a very simple tripod. Moreover, it has no complicated operating system so it can be easily operated by anyone. Furthermore, it is a multi-functional tripod which you will definitely love to work with. It is a light-weight tripod and can be easily carried. Furthermore, it is a sturdy tripod that allows great stability to your device so you can get the perfectly amazing results every time you use it.

A smartphone mount comes with this tripod which allows you to use your smartphone for photography with this tripod. DIGIANT ZD002-62 Portable Aluminum Camera Tripod is a friendly-budget tripod with amazing features. The rubber feet of this tripod allows you to get perfectly sharp images on any type of surface. Moreover, you can also use this tripod for your private parties, birthday parties, or picnics to make those moments memorable. Furthermore, it is one of the best tripods which are used in indoor and outdoor photography. It is a simple, good quality and a friendly-budget tripod.

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