DIGIANT MP-3606 Professional Camera Monopod 70″ Telescoping DSLR Monopods with Removable Camera Tripod Base 3-way Fluid Pan-Head , Include Carrying Bag

The professional photography can be trickier sometimes. However, you always have to keep yourself update about the new ideas and equipment’s being used to execute those ideas. By doing so, you shall be able to look for your inspiration and vision to portray. One of the basic equipment that is used for new era photography is a monopod. Many professional photographers tend to own a monopod or a tripod for quality photoshoot. They help in keeping the camera stable while capturing images and help in extending angle as well. Thus, the photographer is able to reach the perspectives that is not possible with bare hands.

However, you have to be careful while purchasing the products for your photography kit. There are many fraudulent sites and platforms where low-quality products are being sold. Therefore, you should always do some research before purchasing the products. You can do that by checking the reviews and rating given by the customers which have used the product.

What is the difference between a Monopod and Tripod?

Both monopod and the tripod are used for professional photography. However, they differ in certain aspects. One of the aspects can be their design and structure. The monopod is a one legged stick however; the tripod has three legs. This is the major difference. Moreover, they both differ in their types and kinds which have their specific features.

The monopod is more convenient to be taken along with you if you are keen of photography and traveling simultaneously. Furthermore, a monopod is much useful to be used as a hiking stick if it is composed of high-quality material.

One of the best monopods is mentioned below along with its features and rating. So. Check it out as it is the best quality monopod available in the market.

Camera monopod DIGIANT 2 in 1 with removable stand base Job:

  • Black color
  • Maximum height: 70 inches
  • Folding height: 29 inches
  • Extended sections: 4 parts
  • Tripod weight: 4 lbs
  • Maximum load: 5kg / 11lbs


★ 3-way panoramic head: panoramic head with button, it can take 360 ​​degrees with minimal effort, it gives you the desired angle.★ Monopod Tripod Combo: Three feet of 9.4 “provide stability, remove the base of the tripod, so here is a monopod.★ 1/4 “-20 and 3/8” -16 reversible screws: You can mount any camera up to 11 lbs on the mounting plate.★ 4 Section Locks: They provide a monopod height range of 29 “to 70”, ideal for indoor / outdoor use.★ Rotatable monopod: The monopod can be rotated 360 degrees at the base of the tripod when you release the blue part as in the first image of the subject.

The package includes:

Monopod 2 in 1 camera x 1Transport bag x1Instruction x 1


An efficient helping hand is always welcomed when it comes to making your work unique and highly-recognized by the audience. However, your friends can sometimes not available to achieve that goal. What you can do then? Well, in photography you can always take help of equipment that are highly effective and essential to execute your vision in proper and professional way.

A monopod can be a great help when you take your photography career serious. It can help you to take stable and steady images which eventually turn out to be high-quality photographs. Such high-quality photographs always have importance in the market. Thus, you shall get more recognition for your professionally phenomenal work.

However, to purchase a monopod for your work it is essential to know what actually is your requirement. The reason is that the monopods used indoors and outdoors have their specific features according to their work requirements. Therefore, it is preferable to do some research in regard to your work requirements and the monopod you are about to purchase.

The above-mentioned product is one of the high-quality monopod. Its features are enlisted along with it for your convenience. Moreover, the said monopod has amazing reviews from the customers that is why we chose it for you to assess the best monopod for your work.


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