DIGIANT 50 Inch Aluminum Camera Phone Tripod+ Universal Tripod Smartphone Mount for Apple, iphone Samsung and Other Brands Smartphones+carrying bag

The internet has become great source for earning money. It has many ways, however, the way we are concerned with is through making videos or capturing quality photos. In this context, the photographer or video maker has to make sure that the pictures of videos should be of quality. The reason is that the audience gets attracted to the work which is high-quality and have unique content. Therefore, it is very important to work on your creativity. But on top of that you have to consider the ways of executing your work in the specific way. For instance, if you like doing home-based or indoor work then heavy-duty tripods can be of great use. However, the requirements change when you shift your medium and environment. Like, for outdoor shoots it is better to have lightweight traveling tripod composed of high-quality material.

Best Budget-Friendly Tripod

Budget plays the vital role to excel in a career. Thus, it is mandatory to keep the budget in mind while purchasing the types of equipment for your work. As far as the photography is concerned, you do not have to own a professional camera and that too expensive at the very beginning. Now a day the smartphones have sorted this matter out as they come along with high resolution cameras. Therefore, you should stop worrying about buying new camera in the start. To assist your smartphone camera, there are tripods available in market to provide you the best quality.

The smartphone tripods are cheap and affordable. Also, you do not have to worry about its quality. The tripod we have mentioned below is a high-quality tripod available in very reasonable price. Moreover, it is quite to use by a Noob as well. Therefore, you shall be able to learn the techniques while using this best affordable tripod.

New design Digiant tripod for 50-inch smartphone

Material: aluminum alloy + plasticPhone / iPhone tripod size: 50 inchesTelephone Gathering: 1.8-3.5 inches

Tripod for smartphone

★ Tripod for iPhone / Cell Phone / Cameras:-Excellent 3-way panoramic head: a horizontally tiltable camera platform for switching to 90 ° vertical orientation; Tilt Motion can be rotated 180 °; Provide 360 ​​° panoramas.1/4 “screw plate: Quick and easy installation of smartphone and cameras on the tripod.-3 sections of aluminum legs: allows you to set the tripod to the desired height to take pictures.- Column Lift Center: Easily lift the camera or smartphone to a maximum of 8 inches- Non-slip rubber feet: Ensure the stability of the tripod.Spirit level: secure level photos at all times.- Maximum load capacity 1KG: used for cameras or recorders in 1KG.

Mobile Phone Support

★ Support for mobile:- With a set screw you can set it to a perfect size, depending on the size of your smartphone.- Sponge cushion to protect your smartphone from slipping.- With spring and a rubber grip on the top for easy release.- Very easy to configure your phone 1.8-3.5 inches, it can be adapted to iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, Samsung S4 and almost all popular phones.

The package includes

★ Travel everywhere!With dimensions of 3.1 x 3.1 x 15 inches and weighing less than 1 pound, you can carry your tripod in the designed bag wherever you want.

★ The package includes:-50 Inch Camera / Tripod Smartphone X 1-Smartphone mounting adapter X 1- Carrying bag X 1


If you are a beginner at the profession of video making or photography, then you need to consider few tips;

Owning different types of equipment for photography/video making kit is quite essential. These type of equipment help in bringing the element of professionalism and high quality into it. A tripod is one of those. If you are a vlogger, photographer, ranting video maker then owning a tripod is mandatory for you. Why? Firstly, sometimes making such videos or doing photography might take two to tango, however, that is not possible all the time. Hence, you can own a tripod to use it as a helping hand.

Secondly, these tripods help in making quality videos or taking quality pictures. How? They are in general kind of stand which hold the camera device for you to provide maximum level of stability and steadiness. Moreover, these tripod has the ability to extend their center column or legs. This aspect helps the photographer or video maker to do their work from different angles and perspectives.

Thirdly, it is always better to do budgeting before purchasing any products. Buying cheap products can be useful at the learning stage. However, make sure that the money you are investing in a product is worthy enough or not?

After considering all these aspects, you are good to go and purchase the product. Keeping these elements in mind also check out the product given above.

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