Davis and Sanford PE5075-15 ProElite 75mm 2-In-1 Video Tripod with 5-15 Fluid Head (Black)

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The video tripod 2 1 ProElite 75 mm Davis and Sanford with fluid head tripod and 5-15 is the ideal headset for camera configurations DV, HDV and DSLR. This tripod features all aluminum tripod legs, canopy and head structure for ultimate lightness and stability. The 2-in-1 spreader features a central pressure retention bracket with uneven bottom attachments and an adjustable floor distributor for maximum rigidity.

The two-step Quick-Lock legrests allow quick and secure configuration, while the fast-acting transport clips make transport and storage easier. The advanced options and rubber foot make it the ideal tool for any terrain. The 515 head is a fantastic video head that provides a smooth and silky motion. This head also has a tilt and rotation system to 4 selectable positions, a system of counterweights selectable five other positions 0, track slidable camera 80 mm plates and same bubbles. All this makes this feature the perfect choice for any video session.

This kit also comes with a padded ballistic nylon tripod bag to protect your investment data: Maximum Height: 64 “Minimum Height: 23.6”. Fold: 35.4 “diameter and phases of the leg: 17 mm and 25 mm, through two levels of level spreader: instantaneous setting with 47” stationary bottom diameter. Quick release: QR515, sliding range of 80 mm. Diameter of the floor spreader Min .: 25 “Max .: 41”. Inclination and movement of the head: 4 steps (0 + 3) inclination +90 -75 degrees. Tripod capacity: 88 lb. Main payload: 2 lb-15 lb Counterweight: 5 stages (0 + 4). Diameter of the bowl: 75 mm. Total weight: 13 lbs Leg Lock Type: Flip