Best Crumpler Camera Bag 2019

A crumpler camera bag is like a home to the camera. It aids the camera to stay safe while setting up the environment for photography. Moreover, the Crumpler camera bag is an essential accessory to have while traveling. One shall not have to worry about getting the expensive device get damaged while exploring aesthetically beautiful places to capture. The Amazon accommodates varieties of the Crumpler camera bag. In addition, one shall get to see the Crumpler camera bag review of the corresponding product as well. So, if you are planning to do photography while traveling you will be in need of the high-quality camera bag.


How Crumpler Camera Bag is useful for Travel Photography?

The best DSLR camera bag for travel facilitates the photographer to travel comfortably. It holds the device with due care and also saves space in the luggage to fit in other necessary belongings. Moreover, the camera sling bag has a simplistic look which does not scream ‘Steal me’ at the top of its lungs. Thus, your expensive device caged in the bag shall remain secure and safe while traveling in adventurous places.

The photography backpack can help to carry the device conveniently. They are padded from inside to provide protection to the camera device at the maximum level. Therefore, owning a Crumpler camera bag is the best thing the photographer can do if s/he tends to travel oftenly.

Some of the best photography backpacks are given below along with their features and reviews. So, do explore the checklist illustrated.

Crumpler: Snap Camera Bag 

The Crumpler: Snap Camera Bag is the best suitable baggage for pocket cameras. With 5 stars rating, this product has been preferred by several customers. Most importantly, it has a budget-friendly price which can be beneficial to boost up your photography career.


  1. The Crumpler: Snap Camera Bag comes with 13in width x 7.87in height x 6.3in depth / 0.31lb weight / 1.14L volume.
  2. It has the capacity to hold snap or pocket cameras.
  3. Moreover, it is composed of Chicken Tex Nylon, 210T Ripstop Nylon lining, Internal elastic mesh pockets for accessories
  4. The best thing about this product is it comes with extra internal padded protection.
  5. It has a detachable shoulder strap.
Crumpler Camera Bag

"Perfect for a little camera bag. I needed something minimal for my smaller cameras that I want to take everywhere but don't want a larger bag for. This is pretty good for that. It technically can fit a DSLR with a pancake lens, but it's a tight fit."

Crumpler THE KEYSTONE Camera Backpack 

The photography backpack always keeps the journey smooth and comfortable as the device carrying process becomes easier. Nonetheless, finding the high-quality camera bag can be difficult but we have made that easier for you by presenting the Best DSLR camera bag for travel.


  1. Crumpler THE KEYSTONE Camera Backpack has Water resistant 1000D Nylon shell & 420D Ripstop Nylon lining.
  2. Also, this product comes with Rear opening main compartment w/ removable fully padded mesh w/ zip lid
  3. In addition, the Crumpler camera bag has brushed Nylon lined configurable camera compartment. It also has a removable laptop sleeve and 6 compartments for organizing accessories.
  4. Furthermore, it comes with external covered and gusseted zip pockets.
  5. The best thing about this product is that it comes with spine slot back pad.
Crumpler Camera Bag

"The size backpack Crumpler has that will fit my 15" is too large for my frame. If someone has any suggestions as to a good backpack for a small frame woman with a 15' laptop and too much camera gear please let me know! :)"

Crumpler Pleasure Dome Camera Bag (S) PD1001-B00G40 

If you are looking for a durable camera sling bag then Crumpler Pleasure Dome Camera Bag (S) PD1001-B00G40 is the best option. With its strong composition, this product allows remaining strong and intact for a long period of time.


  1. The Crumpler Pleasure Dome Camera Bag (S) PD1001-B00G40 has dual storage zones. Also, it has slip pockets to store other accessories such as memory cards, cables or other accessories.
  2. Moreover, its dome design helps in preventing your camera or other accessories from falling out of the bag.
  3. The strap of this product is adjustable. It allows the strap to extend up to 25 mm and also, the strap is detachable.
  4. In addition, the velcro-fastening can attach the bag’s dome easily to a belt.
  5. It comes with a lifetime warranty which makes sure that the investment made on this product is worthwhile.
Crumpler Camera Bag

"I just bought an E-PM2 and needed a bag. Part of the reason I bought the PEN was its small size, and I didn't want to get stuck with a large bag. The Crumpler pleasure Dome (S) is just the right size to fit the E-PM2, 14-42 lens and folded neck strap. You might be able to slip in the flash, but I haven't tried it myself. It will likely fit a pancake prime too."

Crumpler BZ-02A The Brazillion Dollar Home

The Crumpler BZ-02A The Brazillion Dollar Home has the best storage design. This camera sling bag comes with several compartments to store accessories in an organized manner.


  1. The Crumpler BZ-02A The Brazillion Dollar Home has 16 liters, 22 configurable dividers, 18 CF card slots, 15 pockets - including three Speedlight holders - 4 accessory loops and 2 tripod straps all at your disposal
  2. Moreover, its laptop sleeve is large enough to fit a 15" MacBook Pro.
  3. It provides a maximum level of protection with the help of its 1,000D outer and brushed padded nylon interior combine phenomenal strength.
  4. In addition, it has an additional option for storage such as tripod holder, rain cover and waist belt.
Crumpler Camera Bag

"This is probably one of the best carry/gig bags to get you from location to location. It's obviously not a run and gun bag, did I mention that it's a GIGANTIC BAG?"

Crumpler THE BUNDLE Photo Bag 

The Crumpler THE BUNDLE Photo Bag has been appreciated by many customers. Its rating and crumpler camera bag review says it all about this magnificent product. To analyze this product kindly check out its features given below.


  1. The Crumpler THE BUNDLE Photo Bag has the ability to stay water resistant with the help of its 900D shell and lining.
  2. It has internal padded compartments which make sure that the devices and accessories placed inside do not get damaged.
  3. Moreover, it has a front zipper pocket which aids in keeping the accessories in an organized manner. Also, Velcro cover is part of this bag to keep the baggage placed inside safe from the outside environment.
  4. This product has a removable shoulder strap which keeps the carrying procedure optional.
  5. It also has a Velcro release belt loop.
Crumpler Camera Bag

"We love this bag and thankful that we purchased it for our new camera. Camera feels very safe and protected in this bag."

Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home MD-04-14A Camera Bag

The small camera bag like Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home MD-04-14A Camera Bag has great importance for the photographer who tends to travel. Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home MD-04-14A Camera Bag is the product which has made traveling much easier for photographers by keeping the device low-key in the manner of weight and outlook as well. Despite its size, it has great storage and features mentioned below;


  1. The Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home MD-04-14A Camera Bag is water resistant so you do not have to worry about taking it out in rain. The water resistance has been made possible with its 900D shell and 300D Ripstop lining.
  2. It comes with great storage as it has 1x external pocket with internal mesh pocket, 2x internal side pockets.
  3. Also, this product provides 1x internal mesh zip pocket & 'Super Stealth' Velcro cover.
Crumpler Camera Bag

"Good, sturdy bag, fits one camera with a lens on and its charger, a wallet and a phone. If you need to carry more than that, this isn't your bag."

Crumpler Jackpack 7500 Bag for Camera 

The Crumpler Jackpack 7500 Bag for Camera - Black/Grey is a professional crumpler camera bag. It has the ability to hold professional camera devices with great diligence and assures that the device does not get damaged during the journey. With admirable holding capacity comes with several other great features which are given below;


  1. As mentioned above, this camera bag Holds a semi-professional SLR camera with mid-size zoom lens + extra SLR camera with short zoom lens + 2 short zoom lenses + extra mid-size zoom lens + flash.
  2. Its composition makes the product durable for a long period of time. The product is composed of 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme Hyper Performance fabric with Soft Protective Lining (Nylex).
  3. Also, it has great storage consisting of External zip-fastened pocket under the main flap.
  4. This product is ideal for traveling photography as it has Padded adjustable divider(s) for extra flexibility and ease of handling.
  5. Lastly, it has Air mesh padded backside for maximum protection.

Crumpler Jackpack 7500 Bag for Camera

Crumpler Camera Bag

"Needed a bag that would hold my outfit for location shoots (1 SLR body, 2-3 zooms, flash, filters, spares). I like the look of Crumpler bags - this looks like a slightly fatter version of their every-day courier (non-photo) bag. It has the usual velcro-fitted dividers, and seems very well made. "

Guide to Purchase Crumpler Camera Bag 

The above-mentioned products have been selected on the basis of the famous guide to purchasing a Crumpler camera bag. The guide assures us to analyze the product whether it is a high-quality product to invest our money on or not? Thus, it is essential to see what the guide says and you shall be able to scrutinize the features according to your requirements.

The following are the factors need to be considered while purchasing a camera bag.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity is the utmost essential element to consider while purchasing a photography backpack. The choices to be made must be done in light of occasions and situations. For instance, if you tend to travel through airlines, the weight limit shall be the most important prospect to it. Moreover, the camera backpack comes in different sizes and number of compartments, along with that, the bigger the camera bag will be the more weight you need to carry around. Therefore, if you want to keep your journey light and smooth then it is advised to opt for a small camera bag.

The camera bags also have the option of outside and inside pockets. Hence, if your luggage involves numbers of batteries and other accessories then the compartments must be scrutinized thoroughly before purchasing the bag.

Durability and Design

The camera sling bags are purchased to keep the camera device and other accessories safe. This can only be done if the purchaser keeps the device's weight and the product’s capacity in mind. In addition, some of the camera bag’s fabric becomes weak due to consistently placing in and out of the camera device. Hence, the durability and design of the camera bag should be analyzed. Furthermore, the design of the camera bag has great importance, especially it has an internal padded system. This allows the camera to stay safe in dust, rain or in any other harsh weather.


The straps have the most crucial importance in a camera bag as the straps help you to carry the device around especially while traveling. There are two types of straps in the camera bag to provide support i.e. sling strap and double strap. Some of the camera bags come with wrist belt for an additional support system. The more the support the more weight the bag shall bear. As far as the single sling strap is concerned, it has the ability to hold the lightweight device. However, the double strap camera bag is much suitable for heavy camera devices as it has the ability to provide more support as compared to a single sling camera bag. Hence, the weight should be considered to see which camera backpack shall be suitable to purchase.


Most of the zippers are placed on the sides of the camera bag, however, to provide assistance in quick access to the equipment some of the backpacks come with back zippers as well. These zippers help in keeping the device at a safe pace and tend to make access to types of equipment quite convenient. Nonetheless, the accidental unzipping of the compartment is the great fear of every photographer. Therefore, it is advised to purchase backpacks with the velcro-cover on the zippers to keep the device safe and easily accessible.


The crumpler camera bag keeps the camera and other accessories safe from the outside environment. It assists the photographer to carry the device smoothly from one place to another without any hurdle. Especially, when the photographer tends to travel, the photography backpack makes sure that the device does not get damaged during the process. It keeps the camera safe from dust, rain or any other hazardous environment which can affect the expensive device by damaging it. Hence, it is wise to purchase one or more camera bags according to occasions and situations. This shall make the photography session much convenient.

To purchase the best DSLR camera bag for travel guidance is much needed especially for the beginners. We as a guide have mentioned the guide list and some of the best camera bags above so you can select the best suitable product for your own selves.

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