A Quality Tripod for Your Camera: Coman KX3939 Video Tripod Review

To click pictures and make videos tripods are used now a day. Tripod has become very common in the photography world. It does not matter that you are a professional photographer or do it as your hobby.

Tripod is a tool which you can use to click the perfect shot without any vibration. There is a huge verity of tripods are available in the market.

There are different tripods; however, you can select the tripod according to the need of your work. If you want to buy a multifunctional tripod then buy a coman kx3939 video tripod.


You can find a huge and different verity of tripods in the market by different tripod brands. The quality of the tripod legs has the main importance.

Moreover, the strong tripod legs provide the great stability to your camera. Many tripod brands are selling many good quality tripods a very reasonable price.

Online shopping is very common now a day; however, it’s totally up to you that from where you want to buy your tripod. No matters from where you buy a tripod but always try to buy the best tripod.

Multi-Functional Tripod: Coman KX3939 Video Tripod

If you love hiking and want to but a good quality hiking tripod then buy COMAN KX3939 Video Tripod.  It is a good quality video tripod which has amazing features that you love to use.

Every photographer wants the best tripod that he/she could click the memorable pictures or shoot the special moments of their life.

Nature lovers or professional photographers every one uses a tripod because they don’t want to miss the perfect sharp click. Moreover, when you have to wait for hours for the perfect shot you don’t get tired if you are using a tripod.

To find a quality tripod which also has good features at an affordable price is very difficult. Coman kx3939 video tripod is not cheap in cost but it has an affordable price.

It is made up of high-quality material which makes this tripod strong. Only a strong tripod can safely carry your device and make it stable on uneven surfaces.

It is the best tripod under 200. It is an amazing video tripod which makes your memorable. Moreover, you can carry this with you on your trips because it is a lightweight tripod and can easily get fits into your back bag.

Many tripod brands have a huge range of tripods and monopods. However, coman kx3939 video tripod is a multi-functional tripod.

You can enjoy the features of both tripod and monopod in the price of one. this tripod has great quality, features, and you can buy this amazing multifunctional tripod at a very reasonable price.

In this article, we are going to describe the qualities of this tripod. Which will help you to decide whether this tripod can meet the desire the need of your work or not? The features and quality of this tripod are enlisted below.


  • It is an aluminum tripod. Moreover, it is a compact size tripod which you can easily take with you anywhere easily.
  • It is a lightweight tripod. The weight of this multi-functional tripod is only 5.5lbs.
  • Although it is a lightweight tripod it supports the weight up to 13.2lbs. It is a strong and sturdy tripod. This tripod is a perfect match for camcorders and cameras with a long lens.
  • A quick release plate comes with this tripod which helps you attach and detach your camera in no time.
  • The center column of this tripod is removable which allows you to shoot from low angles or macro shooting. Moreover, one of the legs of this tripod is removable which you can use as a monopod or a walking stick.
  • Moreover, this tripod has a quick flip lock legs which help to open and retracts legs very quickly.
  • Because of the standard thread mount ¼ inch and 3/8 inch screw, most of the cameras can be used with this tripod.
  • Although it is a sturdy tripod, the center column of this tripod has a hook to hang extra weight to make this tripod studier.
  • Moreover, the legs of this tripod can be folded all the way around backward. The folded height of this tripod is 21.7 inches. It is a tripod that you can carry with you anywhere.
  • The minimum operating height of this tripod is 33.2 inches. However, the maximum operating height of this tripod is 70.8 inches.
  • It comes with a carry bag so you can easily and safely carry this tripod with you on your trips. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

                  COMAN KX3939 Video Tripod

Coman KX3939 Video Tripod
  • "I started with a Coman monopod. And it really does the job for me. That's why I said why not get a tripod too. 
  • Ended liking this tripod too. The feel and the smoothness of the head. I'm even thinking of buying a 3rd one with ball head."

An Aluminum Tripod: Coman KX3939 Video Tripod Review

It is a super sturdy tripod. Moreover, you can adjust the height of this tripod according to the desire need of your work. This tripod is really amazing.

The quality of this tripod is really great. Moreover, it is a multi-functional tripod which is also used as a monopod or a walking stick. It is the best tripod under 200.

It is a tripod with many great features. The center column of this tripod is removable so you can do macro photography.

If you think this tripod is not enough sturdy for your device then simply hanging some additional weight on the hook of the center column which makes it sturdier.


Buying a tripod is not difficult you should only have some knowledge about it. Coman kx3939 video tripod is a tripod which is best for those who love traveling and wants to capture their adventures.

You can easily buy tripods and monopods online. Amazon is a place where you can buy different types of tripods and monopods by different tripod brands.

Coman kx3939 video tripod is one of the best video tripods. The best thing about this tripod is it is multi-functional. You can use this tripod also as a monopod and the price of this tripod is very reasonable.

A photographer always wants a tripod which has good quality and features which provides the great stability to their device.

A sturdy tripod makes your device stable on any type of surface which helps you to get the perfect result. For more related articles please do visit our website www.Mytraveltripod.com.