Cayer BV30 Camcorder Tripod: A Heavy Duty Tripod


Newcomers in the photography world think that there is no difference between any tripods all tripods are same; however, the professional photographers know the difference between the heavy duty video tripod and the phone tripod.

When you buy an expensive lens and can’t get stable video result then don’t worry you need a camcorder tripod. Cayer BV30 camcorder tripod is a professional video tripod which delivers you the amazing video results.

The cayer bv30 camcorder tripod provides a professional video tripod system solution. Cayer tripod is made up of the high-quality material.

However, it is a strong and durable tripod. Moreover, it is a lightweight Camcorder tripod so it is easy for you to carry it.

This heavy-duty tripod has very strong legs which make you camcorder stable so you can get the perfect stable videos. However, there are many tripods available in the market.

Which are low in price but are also cheap quality tripods. Moreover, they are not sturdy and durable. A low-quality camcorder tripod will not assure you the sturdiness and safety of your camcorder.

So always buy a high-quality tripod. If you are thinking that from where you should buy a video tripod? Then just visit Amazon.

Amazon has the huge verity of different types of tripods from different brands. You can buy a tripod of your choice from there. We always recommend you a good quality tripod.

However, a tripod with strong legs will provide a great stability to your camera and camcorder.  There are many tripods which not only have great features and made of good quality but are also available at a reasonable price.

Aluminum Tripod: Cayer BV30 Camcorder Tripod

If you are looking for a heavy duty video tripod then the Cayer 64 Inch BV30-Camcorder Tripod is the best option for you. Cayer video tripod is an aluminum tripod.

It has amazing features; moreover, the price features and quality of this tripod really worth the price of it. It is a well-made tripod which is very easy to use and easy to set up. 

The tripod legs are made of high-quality and the parts of this tripod are also made of high-quality material. The tripod has many great features and tripod accessories which keep your camera safe and stable.

In this article, we will describe you the features of Cayer bv30 camcorder tripod.


  • The travel video tripod is a professional video tripod system which is designed for HDSLR and interchangeable lens cameras.
  • This tripod has separate pan and tilt lock levers.
  • Moreover, cayer bv30 camcorder tripod comes with two universal quick release plates with the standard ¼-inch-20 screw and a spare 3/8-inch-16 screw.
  • The 2-stage 3-section leg design of this camcorder tripod allows adjusting the height of the tripod.
  • The minimum operating height of this tripod is 810mm which is about 32-inch; however, you can extend the height of this tripod up to its maximum operating height which is 1625mm which is about 64-inch.
  • It is a lightweight tripod. The weight of this professional video tripod is just 8.5lbs which are about 3.85kg.
  • The maximum load capacity of this tripod is 13.2lbs which is about 6-kg.
  • The video head of this tripod has a fixed counter balance, pan and tilt drag, so you can tilt the head of this tripod to get +90-degree/-70-degree tilt angles. You can make videos from different angles because of its head.
  • Moreover, the folded height of this tripod is 810mm which is about 32-inch.
  • The tripod comes with a carry bag, so can easily and safely carry this tripod with you anywhere.
  • This tripod is has strong legs which make your camcorder stable and the head prevent it to fall down on the ground surface.
  • Moreover, the price is fair for a quality tripod of this level.

                  Cayer 64 Inch BV30-Camcorder Tripod

Cayer BV30 Camcorder Tripod

An Amazing Camcorder Tripod: Cayer BV30 Camcorder Tripod Review

Cayer bv30 camcorder tripod is a very strong tripod. The tripod has two height adjustment knobs on the leg which makes this tripod sturdy.

Moreover, it has a smooth pivot head. It is a heavy duty tripod so this tripod can easily carry your camcorder; moreover, this tripod deals with the maximum weight of 6-kg.

Cayer video tripod is sturdy enough when you mount your camera on it with a long and heavy lens. It is one of the best camcorder tripods.

The fluid head of this tripod provides a very smooth movement to your camera. By using the 3-way tilt pan head you can make a video from different angles very easily.

Moreover, you can adjust the height of this tripod according to your need and this tripod. The two universal quick release plates with standard ¼-inch screw are also a plus point of this tripod.

Thus, it is a lightweight and a great quality tripod which has great features.


If you have an expensive camera and using it without a tripod then it is very difficult to have good quality stable videos.

Almost every professional photographer use the camcorder with tripod to get the best quality stable video which their customers want.

Every tripod is not the same and they are made of different materials which have different features. Thus, most of them are made only for the camera and some are phone tripods.

However, some are multi-functional tripods and some are heavy duty tripods. Cayer bv30 camcorder tripod is the best option for you if you are looking for heavy duty aluminum camcorder tripod.

Professional photographers have knowledge about the tripods. The professionals know very well that what type of tripod is needed for photography and which one is best for videography.

If you are a newbie then buy a tripod after knowing about the quality and features of the tripod. We always recommend you a high-quality tripod because a good quality tripod is stable and delivers you the best result.

In short, everyone appreciates the shake-less video which is possible with a tripod.

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