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Portable Tripods

Portable Tripods is a category ,searched several times by photographers worldwide.Beginners ,even professionals are confused about what kind of tripods to buy for travelling?The tripods they usually have are heavy and immobile.This issue ,however, has been solved by availability of  Portable Tripods to accommodate all desired needs. Budget Friendly Portable Tripods: There is an extensive range of lightweight and budget friendly portable tripods …

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Top 10 Best Tripod for DSLR Cameras in 2019

What has three legs, one head, and doesn’t get out much? Answer: that big, heavy tripod that’s too much of an effort to maneuver around. However, with the advent of photography as a highly lucrative industry, manufacturers are coming up with unique designs that are relatively compact and lightweight, yet extend to impressive operating heights …

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The best Tripod under 200

[tcb-script async=”” src=”//″][/tcb-script] A good tripod with significant features is the must-have tool for the camera and lens in photography. However, after buying the camera and lens the budget would not allow for expensive tripods. This can be a problem, especially for the beginners. As the beginners still have to learn how to expose their …

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The Best Tripod under 300

[tcb-script async=”” src=”//″][/tcb-script] The idea of a tripod is pretty much understood by everyone. It is a photography tool which helps in taking sturdy images and lets the photographer be innovative with the features it has. The right thing to do here is to select the tripod according to the photographer’s need. By doing so, …

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