10 Tripod Head Techniques and Videos you must have

Tripod is a Latin word which means ‘three legs’ and tripod head is above tripod to hold the camera. It is an essential instrument for filmmaking. A filmmaker without a tripod is like a camera without a lens. The basic function of a tripod is to take steady shots for a video which is difficult

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Tripod Head-Mystery to find the Best One

If you are not kidding about photography than a camera tripod head is a flat out need. In spite of the fact that they are not generally charming to bear, they are incredible for still and planned photos, and also nature shots, large-scale photography, long introduction shots, moderate screen speeds, and low light circumstances. In

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Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Tripod?

Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum Tripod There are two travel tripods that we can choose from. There’s the lighter one, that weighs around 3.7 pounds, which is the carbon fiber version, and the slightly heavier one that weighs around 4.6 pounds, which is the aluminium version. Despite the weight, carbon fiber version is more expensive. Read More: 10

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