Can Sound Vibration Effect My Tripod Stability?

Last updated on February 9th, 2021

Having to compete with factors such as wind, uneven ground, and sound vibrations shaking your tripod about is massively frustrating, I get it. No matter what you try the tripod won’t stay still, resulting in a poor quality image.

Music will shake your tripod about, especially if it is played through a low-quality speaker. Now, that is not to say you can’t play music while you shoot.  

Let’s face it, everyone wants to be able to listen to music while they take pictures. We have some solutions for you to keep your tripod as still as possible while playing your favorite tunes, as well as ways to stop wind and uneven surfaces wobbling the tripod about too. 

Follow the below steps to keep your tripod as still as possible regardless of the factors disturbing it;

Controlling Sound Vibrations

1.First things first, get yourself a good quality speaker and a subwoofer. High-quality speakers will send out smoother sound vibrations, plus the music will sound 100 times better. 

A subwoofer reproduces the frequencies that at home or car systems are unable to produce. What does this mean for you? You will hear all of the sound frequencies that otherwise you might have missed if you didn’t have a subwoofer. Check out these subwoofers here to find out more. 

2. Now that you have a good quality sound system, play your music behind a screen. The screen will absorb the vibrations and you will be able to play your favorite tunes. Result!

3. If the music is still affecting the stability of your tripod, use the fastest shutter speed on your camera. This, along with a screen between your camera and the music should do the trick. 

Battling Uneven Surfaces

  1. Use objects to prop the tripod up. You aren’t always going to have control over how even the ground is, especially if you are taking pictures of nature.
  2. Play with the tripod legs. Tripods usually have three legs that you can adjust individually. Adjust each leg to suit the surface you are placing it on. 

Stopping the Wind 

1. There is no controlling the weather, oh the joys of outdoor photography. Remember the screen we spoke about earlier? That’s right, you guessed it, use a screen to block the wind. 

2. Control your breathing as much as possible. When there is strong wind, the worst thing you can do is lose focus and shake the tripod even more. Take a deep breath in and slowly release as you take the picture. A quick shutter speed will help you too!

3. If you battle with the wind on a regular basis, use a heavier tripod. Heavy tripods are easier to control during unpleasant weather conditions. 

Give it a go, sometimes the simplest solutions have the best results. So, enjoy blasting your tunes while taking great pictures, and don’t let the weather stop you from taking beautiful pictures. 

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