Camera Tripod Mount: Different Tripod Mount and their Features

Last updated on February 9th, 2021

Everyone knows that nowadays tripod has become very famous in the photography world, whenever you think about photos perfect professional photos the first thing comes to your mind is camera and tripod.

Tripods provide the stability to the camera but the camera tripod mount helps the camera stable and avoids it to fall. There are many different types of the mount are available in online market.

Some are camera tripod mount thus some are phone tripod mount; however the camera tripod mount helps in quick replacement of the lens.

Some tripod camera mount supports some cameras; although some tripod mount is universal and supports any type of camera and camcorders. Tripods having universal mount are a little bit expensive in compare of tripods having the simple mount.

Tripod mount helps camera/camcorders to slide without any vibration made by its user; thus you get the best result of your pictures and videos by using a tripod.





Beike Camera Quick Release Plate Universal Mount

13 Customer Reviews

View Price


SmallRig cool ballhead arm super clamp mount 

401 Customer Reviews

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kobraTech cell phone tripod mount 

253 Customer Reviews

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Amazing Universal Tripod Mount under 50: Camera Tripod Mount

Beike camera quick release plate universal mount is best for any type of camera and camcorders. This universal tripod camera mount is available in a very affordable price. It works with any type of tripod. The mount is built up by an amazing light-weight material; also work great.

  • This universal camera tripod mount is made up of lightweight and a high-quality aluminum alloy which supports up to 8lbs.
  • The mount provides precise dimension to fit perfectly because of it advanced CNC machine system.
  • It fits all the Arca-type quick release adapters.
  • The 1/4inch standard screw of mount allows any type of camera to fit with it.

   Beike Camera Quick Release Plate Universal Mount

Camera Tripod Mount

sturdy and well made, fitted well as the original one on my tripod.

Multifunctional Tripod Mount

SmallRig cool ballhead arm super clamp mount is a multifunctional mount. The clamping action of this mount is really great. This mount has a great quality at an affordable price.

  • This camera tripod mount has a double ball head with a clamp at the bottom and a 1/4inch screw at the top.
  • You can attach and detach it from the monitor quickly and the position of the monitor is adjustable.
  • With the help of 1/4inch screw it can it can mount monitor and led lights on the one end; thus it can also lock the rod on the cage when the clamp is tightened by the locking knob.

SmallRig cool ballhead arm super clamp mount

Camera Tripod Mount

Amazingly sturdy little clamps! I was really impressed

Tripod Mount for Smart Phone

kobraTech cell phone tripod mount is a universal cell phone mount. Thus you don’t have to think much while buying it because any size of a smartphone can be fit in it.

  • This universal cell phone tripod mount can easily hold ant size of a smartphone; however, it can also hold the phone with its case.
  • A Bluetooth remote shutter is also provided this mount so that you can take photos or make videos from the distance of 30ft away.
  • This mount can be easily fit on any type of tripod or monopod.

kobraTech cell phone tripod mount

Camera Tripod Mount

very nicely put together, works for exactly what it is designed for


Camera tripod mount helps tripod to avoid camera or camcorder from falling down. It makes a strong grip on the camera. There are different types of mounts are available some are camera tripod mounts; thus some are smartphone mounts. But for using tripod mount is a very important part of it.

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