Best Tripod under 500

A tripod is a must-have tool for photography which enables to shoot long exposures and steady images. Going shopping to buy a good tripod for tremendous pictures can be exhaustive.

Sometimes because one can find tripods which might cost more than $1000. Such a price is not affordable enough, especially for the beginners.

The beginners still have to learn techniques on the camera and then buying such expensive tripod can be underwhelming. However, there are many best tripod under 500 out there in the market all a person has to do is to have knowledge about them.

Best Tripod under 500

There are different kinds of tripods and each of them has specific features.

Hence, the tripod to be used must be in accordance with the nature of the photography.

For basics, certain features must be considered while buying the best video tripod under 500 or the best tripod under $500 for images.

Oben AC-2361
Induro GTT104M1 Grand Turismo Series 1 Stealth (With Ball Head)
Manfrotto MT190XT
Vanguard Auctus Plus 323CT
Benro S6 Single Leg Carbon Fiber Video Tripod Kit
Manfrotto 055CXPRO4

Basic Feature of the Best Tripod under 500

Let us see these basic features of the tripod.

  • The tripod must be sturdy to take high-quality images.
  • The tripod must have the ability to get attached with ball head of any kind.
  • It must have a removable centre column which shall help in ground level shooting. Or to shoot from a certain height.
  • The best tripod under 500 must have the ability of infinite leg spreading.

To consider these elements before buying a laptop shall help one to make a wise decision. Let us have a look at the best tripod under 500 which shall help in enhancing the image’s quality.

Best Tripod under 500

Oben AC-2361

The Oben AC-2361 comes with a split centre column which can move up to 66”. Without this centre column, the tripod can move the camera up to 55” with an average height.

This centre column helps in both high-level and ground-level photography. Moreover, it cost only $130 which is quite affordable and the reason it is under the category of best tripod under 500.

The Oben Ac-2361 can hold a weight up to 17.6lbs and has retractable spikes in the feet. It comes with a carrying case and adjustment tools and also flip-lock legs which are quite easy to use.

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Induro GTT104M1 Grand Turismo Series 1 Stealth (With Ball Head)

This tripod is one of the best carbon tripod under 500. It cost only $480 which is quite reasonable as it has various beneficial features. Induro GTT104M1 comes with a centre column which can extend up to 62.6”.

Moreover, it weighs only 3.5 lbs which are quite accessible to carry it around. In addition to the traditional column centre, this tripod comes with the carbon fiber column with the twist-lock design.

These locks do not get stuck in clothes or pinch fingers. Along with that, this tripod can carry the load of 22 lbs. Not only that, Induro comes in two series versions with a ball head, which can hold load up to 30 lbs.

It also has the feature of Arca-Swiss quick release plate, presenting the important feature of the tripod.

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Manfrotto MT190XT

The Manfrotto MT190XT is one of the best tripods under 500 as it costs for only $180. This tripod is made up of aluminium with a centre column which can extend up to 63” whereas the short column can extend up to 53”.

The short column has a spring-loaded pin at the bottom side for easy to switch in or out. However, the short column is less sturdy as compared to the primary one.

The Manfrotto MT190XT has the capability to carry the weigh up to 15.4 lbs. Moreover, it has lever style leg locks which makes the adjustments to be done more easily.

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Vanguard Auctus Plus 323CT

Vanguard Auctus Plus 323Ct has all that a photographer needs in a tripod. It has been manufactured with the best material and known for its best quality.

This tripod has rubber around its legs, preventing it from dust and rust. Moreover, Vanguard has the anti-shock feature which helps in taking phenomenal pictures even in vibration or movement.

Its firmness and stability help in taking low angle pictures. Not only this, it has a single twist, making the tripod to be adjusted in no time.

Certainly, it is the best high-end tripod under 500 which costs only $449.95 and with such amazing features.

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Benro S6 Single Leg Carbon Fiber Video Tripod Kit

The Benro is well-known for the best still only tripod under 500 in the camera equipment industry. It comes with two-way head and legs which are constituted of carbon fibers.

With the help of quick release plate, mounting the camera up or taking low angle shoots is not an issue. It is best suited for both indoor and outdoor shoots with remarkable results.

In addition, this tripod comes with interchangeable spiked feet as well the rubber feet. The photographers love it due to its promising stability feature. The best part is that it costs only $479.

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Manfrotto 055CXPRO4

This tripod is highly-known for its rigidity which allows taking steady pictures with outstanding quality. They have the best feature of being a compact tripod which makes it easier to carry around.

This Manfrotto tripod is composed of carbon fibres and magnesium which is why it is lighter in weight.

Moreover, this 4 legged tripod has a centre column which enables the photographer to take low-angle and high-angle shots The good is that they only cost $499.88.

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Conclusion: Best Tripod under $500

As technology has advanced the field of photography is looking for more conventional instruments. Instruments which shall help the photographer to take the shots in accordance with their imagination and without getting ruined.

These instruments embrace tripods as the needed instrument. Which not only help in taking steady photos but also help to take shots at diverse levels of heights and angles.

Despite the fact, it is quite understandable that the tripod to be bought should be according to the nature of the photography.

That is one of the aspects of buying a tripod the other aspect can be the budget of the photographer. The photographer shall find tripods of different kinds in the market.

However, some of them cost a lot. Best Tripod under 500But one should not lose hope because there are several tripods which are affordable and have indefinite features. Some of these fantastic tripods are mentioned above.

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