5 of the Best Tripod Brands you can follow

Best Tripod Brands

Best Tripod Brands matter where you are just getting started with photography and don’t need or know those tiny specifications of professional photography.

Knowing about top tripod brands just make it easier to hunt for tripod. You don’t want to mess up your photography skills when you are new and still strolling with your DSLR or Camera.

We have researched a lot around internet on Travel Tripods. Most of the top lists of camera tripod brands include tripods from these names.



Average User rating

Available Products: 347

  • Manfroto seems like one of the first few camera tripod brands on Amazon with several products having more than 300 verified reviews.  
  • From small portable tripods to expensive professional tripods, Manfroto seems to have the whole range of products specializing in this category of good tripod brands.



Average User rating

Available Products: 28

  • Zomei is  specifically chosen for affordability and its specialty in making tripods for DSLR lovers. It’s not just the cost the that makes it to the list of good tripod brands.
  • It’s not just about affordability, the professionals and pro users giving good reviews to Zomei.  Many claimed that they haven’t found any difference in this and the ones they purchased from expensive tripod brands.



Average User rating

Available Products: 108

  • Vanguard is one of the most expensive tripod brands with several PRO-Level Tripods ranging from $300 to $1000.
  • It has got a good overall ratings for all of their products with the best one Vanguard Alta Pro 263 scoring more than 4.5 stars among massive 915 verified customer reviews.
  • Hence, if you can afford $156 and looking for hassle free choice, this is the one to buy on Amazon.



Average User rating

Available Products: 10

  • Bonfoto is considered an all-rounder of top tripod brands. From affordable to expensive tripods, from basic, lightweight tripods to monopods and tripod stands it conquers most of the part.
  • The best thing is the average user rating of almost all the products are good enough to convince it’s entry among 5 top tripod brands.



Average User rating

Available Products: 19

  • When We talk about affordability, we talk ZOMEI but Dolicia has got one underdog, Dolicia GX600, B200 aluminium tripod.
  • It has got a whole wikipedia of 1000+ customers who are happy with their purchase and complemented it with some good words on Amazon.
  • Yet another surprising fact is that it costs only $56 enabling it’s company to compete with Bonfoto in top 5.

Expensive Tripods:

Expensive tripods assumed as professional tripods are the ones that cost anywhere from  $300 to $1000.

Expensive tripods are only good if you have got a specific usage requirement for your studio or you wanna get into Outdoor photography, or sports photography. 

However, if you are looking for just a professional tripod that is not necessarily an expensive one, have a look at Best Professional Tripods 2018Expensive Tripods include some of the most proficient names though.

From Bonfoto to Xit, all expensive tripod brands have at least one thing in common. They are specifically designed with the usage to pro-level photographers and may not provide ease of usage.

Most Expensive Tripod:

OConnor 120 EX is the one the takes the prize of being most expensive tripod available. It costs equal to the price of your new sedan, $19,608.

We all know that the list of expensive tripods is pretty short because it is not such accessory that costs thousands of dollars in material or a scientist to figure out the new productive ways to make your pictures more beautiful.

 At the end of the day, it’s about how well you have got your photography skills figured out.

Good Tripod Brands:

Other than these 5 top tripod brands, there are few good tripod brands you can look out for while researching your tripod to buy. These include names like

  1. Amazon Basics
  2. Neewer
  3. Mactrem

Amazon Basics:

As the name suggests it is officially the brand of Amazon itself. It has a widely popular basic usage tripod among camera users.  

We don’t think it needs any further intro. However many pros argue that it’s not for advanced use. If you are getting started, $23 is totally worth it.

Amazon Basics 60 inch lightweight tripod 

Good Tripod Brands

  • 6,539 Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Rubber feet
  • Compatible with any camera.


Neewer has one particular tripod that stands out of crowd when it comes to lightweight carbon fiber tripods. It feels like they focus on each and every aspect of manufacturing a travel tripod.

 It’s not just about Nut and bolts, they are actually trying to maximize the performance of this short and simple tool called tripod while not compromising quality. 

Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod for DSLR

Cheap carbon fiber tripod for DSLR

  • Quick release plate
  • universal fluid ballhead
  • Extendable up to 63 inches
  • Supports 15kg/33lbs
  • Convertible to monopod
  • Lightweight carbon fiber

Mactrem Tripods:

Mactrem, another good tripod brand has some impressive reviews and recommendations for its tripods range.  

Their top selling product is the one with aluminium stuff and posses around 400+ positive reviews. Mactrem has all of it’s tripods listed under $139, which is for it’s carbon fiber version.

Unlike expensive tripod brands they have a limited range of tools i.e the ones they can focus on and achieve a good reputation with.

Mactrem PT55 Aluminium Tripod

best tripod brands

  • Lightweight alloy stuff
  • Compact size
  • weight: 2.6 lbs
  • Quick release plate
  • Universal pan head

Best Tripods from Top Tripod Brands:

Coming towards which tripod you should buy after knowing which tripod brands lead the manufacturing of this useful tool.

Every brand has tried to make tripods to the best of their abilities but not every tripod is created equal in terms of usage and affordability.

Some top tripods really got ahead with more appreciation received than others.

Best Travel Tripod by Manfroto

121 customer reviews

Why is this Best?

  • Ease of usage is super
  • Quality stuff in this price range
  • Quick release tilt plate
  • Supports 30% more weight than normal tripods

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTADV-BK is the best tripod available from top tripods brand not only due to it’s affordability and quality finishing but also because it provides remedy to all the basic usage of beginner to pro level camera users.

With the brand name Manfroto attached to the tripod, it’s a no brainer decision to buy this tripod from Manfroto. 

Compare it with similar Tripods

Best Lightweight Tripod by Zomei

401 Customer Reviews

Why is this Best?

  • Lightweight Carbon Stuff
  • Monopod convertible
  • Universal tripod for almost any camera or DSLR
  • Compact in terms of usage.
  • It’s also sturdy and tough stuff.

Zomei another good tripod brand has not only time tested tripods in it’s product catalog, it really surprised it’s buyers in terms of quality despite being a Chinese brand. It has got a strong metal ball head to provide 360 degrees panning.

Invert-able center column can take your camera upside down in no time taking pictures of that lady bug you found cute. You can take it apart limb by limb to adjust for any angle or usage. 

Read Full Specifications or Compare with similar Tripods

Best Affordable lightweight Tripod by Bonfoto

143 Customer Reviews

Why is this Best?

  • Professional full fledged tripod
  • Pro features in cheapest available cost
  • Compact size when folded
  • Lightweight alloy stuff
  • Easy to operate

Not among the most expensive tripod brands Bonfoto still holds a prominent place in tripod suppliers.

They have a range of very fairly priced tripods to make sure their customers get maximum value for money.

Compare with similar Tripods


Whether you are looking for best budget tripod or best tripod for Travel. You have got everything sorted out for you. First select the brand. Read closely for what they have to offer and why they are selected as top brands for tripods. 

If you have got your budget only in 20s go for Amazon basic. If you can go for a little over 50$, select Bonofoto B690A. If you have got a little more flexible budget, select the one from Zomei or Manfroto.

 Both cost around $130 but if you still want to select 1, select Zomei as it is a Top Tripod brand for a huge range of tripods for different usage.

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