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To find the best travel tripod for DSLR can be a tricky task. The reason is that you might get stuck with tripods which are not really light in weight and causes lots of trouble during the journey.

Therefore, it is always necessary to find a tripod which is light in weight and compatible with DSLR cameras. However, in the market you will encounter many tripods claimed to be the top travel tripods.

Unfortunately, they turn out to be weak and cannot even bear the weight of a camera. Hence, it is important to do some research before buying the best travel tripod for DSLR.

The other most important thing to do while finding the best tripod for travel is to consider your budget. The budgeting shall help you in building up your career along with your hard work involved in it.

You can find the best tripod under 200 dollars but you have to be really careful while selecting one for yourself.





UBeesize 12 inch Mini Tripod Stand 

7 Customer Reviews

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 Fotga Large Octopus Tripod 

371  Customer Reviews

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The Best Flexible Camera Tripod

To make your work look more professional you would definitely need a DSLR camera. Along with that, having a tripod is also important. However, when you are traveling carrying around the tripod can be a hassle.

But there is nothing to worry as the UBeesize 12 inch Mini Tripod Stand is the answer to your all problems. This tripod is light in weight and has the capacity to hold the DSLR camera, turning out to be the best tripod for travel.  

It has amazing features which you should definitely check out.


  1. This one of the best top travel tripods has versatile compatibility with the professional cameras. It is compatible with DSLR compact camera, Mirrorless cameras, camcorders, all GoPro hero cameras, and smartphones.
  2. Moreover, this tripod has flexible legs; you can wrap it around any objects. The flexibility of this best tripod under 200 allows you to capture images r shoot videos anywhere anytime.
  3. Furthermore, this tripod weighs only 8 ounces. It is quite strong and sturdy having the maximum height of 12 inches.
  4. Also, this tripod has a portable design which shall help you to carry it around even in your backpack.
  5. This tripod is strong due to its composition. It is composed of premium steel with high-density TPE and rubber coating. This composition helps the tripod to be durable for a longer period of time.
  6. In addition, this tripod comes with a lifetime warranty so enjoy using the best tripod for travel.

the UBeesize 12 inch Mini Tripod

Best Travel Tripod for DSLR

  • “This is my new favorite handheld tripod!”

Amazing Portable Tripod: Best Travel Tripod for DSLR

The portability of a tripod matters a lot when you want to shoot outdoors. The setup of the tripod and camera can really be annoying for the photographer. However, the Fotga Large Octopus Tripod is the best travel tripod for DSLR.

There is no hassle of carrying this tripod around and most importantly, it can be adjusted at different angles without any inconvenience.


  1. It is basically a tabletop tripod which allows the photographer to do professional shooting anywhere anytime.
  2. Moreover, its flexibility helps in keeping the camera stable even at uneven surfaces.
  3. Furthermore, this tripod comes with universal ¼ inches and 3/8 inches screw for the attachment of the device with the tripod.
  4. The best thing about this tripod is that its legs have 8 joint balls which can be rotated up to 360-degrees.

Fotga Large Octopus Tripod

Best Travel Tripod for DSLR

  • “Love it. Almost perfect. It’s waterproof and adaptable to attach to almost any substrate.
  • Whether it’s the ground, a pole, chair or whatever. I purchased to photograph the night sky.
  • I’m sure I’ll get tons of use out of it. It’s also small enough to pack in your suitcase.”


If you are willing to do an outdoor professional shoot then having the best travel tripod for DSLR is quite necessary. It shall help you to portray your vision more conveniently and adjusting the tripod will not be much of a hassle.

Most importantly, it shall help you in saving your time which you can utilize in displaying your creativity more beautifully. Therefore, we bring you the best tripod fewer than 200 which are best for traveling.

So, do not forget to check them out. For more related article please visit our website

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