Best Small Tripod for Camera

Best small tripod for Camera really comes handy whether you have got small point and shoot camera or a DSLR. Sometimes, all you need is a super simple small tripod which you can count on.

The best pictures are the ones that come with natural expressions. So putting a small tripod for camera besides your little angel will not only get you a good angle but can also be useful to take pictures on auto mode. Your camera can take pictures after regular intervals on auto mode, you know that, right?

Anyhow, let’s focus on getting a small tripod for DSLR or camera..

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod

The most satisfying customer experience is created by this tripod in small tripods for camera. 

  1. You can adjust your camera at any angle with just 1 push
  2. Really easy to grab it as a single camera stand.
  3. It has got a portable and lightweight design.

Neewer 20 inches Mini Tripod

Have some Pro – photographer growing inside you? Keep it up. This lightweight tripod for dslr can not only accommodate in any place, it can also act as full fledge dslr tripod for beginner level photographers.

  1. Really compact and lightweight
  2. Can hold up to 11 pounds/5 kgs
  3. Made up of Aluminium. Strong and stable as claimed by manufacturers.
  4. Complementary bag added to purchase.

AmazonBasics Lightweight Mini Tripod

Amazon has it’s own mini tripod which is not just by name basic but actually basic lightweight small camera stand to just quickly grab and release camera.

  1. Can be used for iphone and small cameras only.
  2. Adjustable height 
  3. Max load weight is up to 1 kg
  4. Really Affordable.

Flexible Spider legs 12 inch Tripod

It can not only support your dslr and camera but can also be a good basic small stand for iphone. ​​​​

  1. Stable fix on any surface or grab any nearby thing to provide you a quick and easy adjustment.
  2. Quick release and adjustment
  3. One of the first in new trendy camera stands.

Fugitek Mini Tripod

Our last contestant is pretty like the one you have witnessed above but the difference is

  1. it is super easy to adjust angles, lock and unlock different positions while take photos.
  2. can be used as small tripod for iphone, small cameras or dslr.
  3. a FREE spring phone mount included in already low-priced small tripod for camera.

Best Small Tripod for DSLR

If you don’t have a steep love for photography and just looking for something to hold your dslr while you can stand with your friends, Neewer is certainly the best choice for DSLRs. 

Small Tripod for Camera

We are talking about Casual uses here so best small tripod for point and shoot camera is Spider legs 12 inch tripod that can not only hold your camera off the ground but can adjust anywhere.

Multi-usage small tripod

Fugitek, the one mentioned in the last is a neat and clean answer for getting a small, easy to hold small tripod for almost any device.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for small tripod for camera, I don’t see any problem in ordering once of these since most of them cost less than your dine out dinner.  However, our pick from the above list is definitely the Manfroto, that is proven and verified by 100s of customers.

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