Best Small Camera Tripods

Looking for Best Small Camera Tripods for the next trip you are planning? If yes,then you just bumped into the right place.In today’s world everything has become compact .Users now require equipment that is packed easily and is portable.

 Mirrorless cameras  and smartphones are  popular these days ,especially for the purpose of travelling Vlogs and outdoor shoots.  Thus ,while planning outdoor activities and trips, one of the important things that rings a bell is arranging a compact travel tripod for your compact camera or mobile phones. The times are gone when you used to stack books and other stuff to support your cameras and smartphones. The mini tripods are here to the rescue.

Top 5 Best Small Camera Tripods for Travelling:

There is a vast range of latest and compact Travel Tripods available in market.On one hand,where this is a great thing, for some people it creates confusion about what to buy! Here is a list of Top 5 Best Small Camera Tripods that are recommended for Travelling. Some of them are amazingly budget friendly as well!

  1. AmazonBasics lightweight mini Tripod.
  2. Out on a whim flexible Tripod.
  3. Adjustable camera stand holder.
  4. Bontend Flexible Tripod.
  5. Albott Aluminium portable Travel Tripod.

1) AmazonBasics lightweight mini Tripod

This lightweight mini tripod is compatible with smartphones and small digital cameras. In addition it works best for you webcam on your desk.

Why is this Best?

  • Small and lightweight for travelling.
  • extension ranges from 4.7inches to 7.5inches.
  • Can rotate upto 360 degree and has a tilt of 90 degree.
  • Comes with adjustable metal legs and rubber feet.
  • The price is as low as $6.99.
  • Helps taking timed shots, so that you can be in the pictures too!

2) Out on a whim flexible Tripod

This small tripod can be adjusted and Mounted into almost anything.It can support your smartphones with a firm and tight grip.

Why is this Best?

  • The mini tripod has non-slippery Rubber feet for a great grip.
  • Ideal to hold cell phones while working.
  • Comes with ten leg ball and socket joints.
  • Available online for price as low as $6.66.
  • Works amazingly well with iphones and other android phones while travelling.

3) Adjustable camera stand holder

You don’t have to worry about taking perfect pictures anymore. This adjustable camera stand holder is the solution. You can capture perfect pictures with this high quality Tripod.

Why is this Best?

  • This tripod is easy to carry as it comes with a protective bag and hence is extremely lightweight.
  • You can get your hands on this one for $11.29 only.
  • It can be straightened and positioned easily with the no slip feet.
  • It is made up of  plastic and foam which is durable.
  • The self timers is universally compatible with digital cameras and any IOS and android phones.

4) Bontend Flexible Tripod

It is a 3 in 1 set because it is flexible enough to be used  for smartphones ,digital cameras and or even DSLR. That’s one great deal of your money, isn’t it?

Why is this Best?

  • Considering the amazing use ,the price of $18.50  is quite considerable.
  • The high quality material makes it durable.
  • The angle can be adjusted enough to get a jaw-dropping effect.
  • Contains Rubber tripod legs for security.
  • Flexible enough to be wrapped around almost any object.

5) Albott Aluminium portable Travel Tripod

This Albott portable Travel Tripod comes with a flexibility to quickly shift between a monopod shooting to a tripod one without missing a single shot.

Why is this Best?

  • It can reach a maximum height of 70 inches.
  • Supports a load upto 8.8 pounds.
  • Travel friendly as it comes with a carrying bag and includes three dimensional heads.
  • It has a quick release plate which is compatible for all digital cameras, camcorders and others.
  • The tripods base has a foam grip and also includes carry handles.
  • The price is $45 but it’s great value of money for professional usage.

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