3 Best Monopods for Sports photography

Sirui P-326S Carbon Fiber Monopod

If you are looking for 1 sure short Answer

A great piece of equipment, moving sideways or forward back is like butter smooth.

Talking about monopds is the market is getting trickier. You have to come up with major research on this stance for proving your facts and figures straight. Professional Photographer should look for the Best Monopod in Town for his collection and his usage purpose.

Lets start with the brief knowledge regarding what is monopod? Why is it important?

Monopod is one legged support for camera. One legged thing differentiates it from the various tripods. That is major scenario person should get complete knowledge before opting for a monopod. Knowledge before the decision is basically the one which take you on the hike of best monopod to buy.

Why not to compromise while opting for a Monopod?

Monopod holds on to camera with such grip that there is no tomorrow. Monopod is some what essential for doing the Sports Photography . Due to this exceptional photos are captured. This helps in avoiding the blurriness in the photos. This one legged equipment is a big thing of future.

Why Monopod is Required?

Let's start with an example that there is always one essential for anything. like earphones are essential for an ipod. Same is the scenario here. Monopod is main core thing in photography and specifically in speed photography.

Specially this piece of writing is highlighting monopods for sports photography so this illustrates that this states about the fast moving capturing of different moments. In sports you have to take on the moment of click.

Monopods are easy to carry anywhere and that is sole reason they are special regarding sports photography. Once you adjust and set the monopod to some certain level than nobody can stop you from capturing Perfect ImagesWith the use of monopod you take your own self into ease. As it divides the loads of the camera. you have relax your joints.

Criteria regarding the best monopod

  • User friendliness: How easy it is to use?
  • Durability: How long it is going to stay with the owner in the perfect condition and how?
  • Adaptability: Adjustments with different cameras.
  • Handling weight load: How heavy material it can control?
  • Height: How tall it can be or what length it can be extended up to?
  • Portability: Carrying it to different places
  • Weight: How heavy it is? because the heavier the difficult to carry along.

certain research has been made which will explain that which monopods are best to buy and which you should ignore.

1- SIRUI P-326 6 section Carbon Fiber monopod

This special piece is made up of Carbon fiber. This one legged is the special piece which is always a good option to buy. It is not even highly expensive. When you look for Best Monopod and best features than price is just a number.

It has very moderate price with some worth paying for features. After testing several monopods it is justified that SIRUI P-326 deserves to be highly appreciated.  It's constructions makes it very light is weight and on the same time very strong as well.

This amazing monopod allows the user to set it at six different section. Which is the reason that it has word 6 section in it name. This will help the photographer from resting in one place and avoid his exertion from kneeling to standing and to sitting.

2- Sirui  SUP 204SR Monopod

Here comes another fine piece from the vast market of monopods. This monopod is made up of aluminium. Again i must say good material is utilized in the making of monopod. Which will make it go great in long run. This four section monopod is also considerable option. In my opinion this Monopod is Benchmark in the field of sports photography.

As this Monopod is benchmark in the monopod market so according to that it is obviously a little costly. But when a certain equipment come with unique features so it's more price demand is justified.

One of the very unique and interesting feature about this monopod is that its three footed  base is removable and with frictional adjusting amount. This removable base can be turned into mini pod.

It's main features are as follows:

Weight:3 lbs

Real Height: 27 inches

Extended Height: 63 inches

Maximum load: 17.6 lbs

3- Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod

During our entire research this Dolica Monopod is the lightest in weight. That is why in it's name this major aspect is mention. Being light in weight is one major thing for a monopod. This is core feature which catches the eye of the buyer.

This monopod is made up of aluminum. It also comes up with it's four sections. This monopod is also among the tallest monopods as well. So being light in weight being tall is happening side by side.

In this monopods it's locking levers are made up of plastic. Which is actually one feature supporting it's weight cause.  This monopod provides the photographer with such so many important features and never fails to shock the customer by announcing that it's price is also very reasonable. Apart from being reasonable it's price is actually less according to the features it comes up with.

It comes with the adjustable foot along with the solid grip in it's upper section. This monopod is worth thinking about for buying purpose and taking it into practice.

It's main features are as follows:

  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Real Height: 21.5 inches
  • Extended Height: 67.4 inches
  • Maximum load: 6.4 lbs
  • Ultra light weight aluminium alloy construction which allows to bear 6.7 lbs of weight
  • Can be used in both outdoor and indoor
  • It comes with adjustable wrist straps
  • Comes with free carrying bag

This monopod is one of the Monopod which can be the best Travel choice for new and struggling photographer as they wont have to pay much. This Monopod Comes in Handy and at low rates. This is kind of opportunity a new photographer should not fail to avail as it is complete package of everything.


Top 3 Monopods Comparison

Sirui P 326S

Sirui P-240 SR

Dolicia WT- 1003





Superior Quality

Easily Adjustable

Light Weight


Removeable rubber foot

Removeable aluminium Spike

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