Best Monopods for Cameras 2019

The monopods are as essential as tripods, as they also help in reducing the vibration while taking pictures. Moreover, it completes the photography kit collection as it is more reliable and affordable. There are several monopods available in the market but few are worth spending money on. To save time for the people who want to look for the best affordable monopod, here the best monopods for cameras 2018 are being compiled. These monopods are not only the best budget monopods/Tripods but also come with the best features and composition.Best Monopods for Cameras 2018

One would be wondering, why to go for a monopod? Well, monopods are single sticks which make them highly accessible and lighter in weight. Whether its sports or wildlife photography or even a selfie, a monopod can be of great use. Therefore, having monopods in the photography kit collection shall always be a good decision.  Hence, the monopods are discussed below along with their features, so the photographer shall get to select the monopod according to his/her requirements.

So, let us see the best monopods for cameras 2018

Targus 67-Inch Monopod

While buying a monopod several questions arise in mind, such as, what’s the use of monopod? How often am I going to use this equipment?  The best monopods for wildlife photography or the best monopods for sports photography are available for just $10 then that would not be a big issue.

The Targus 67-inch monopod is the best affordable monopod which has a height of 21 inches when folded. However, it can extend up to 67 inches. To take steady images this monopod has a rubber foot with a spike. Also, this best monopod with rubber foot comes with a wristband for a comfortable grip. It is the best DSLR camera monopod which comes with quick release lock that makes it easier to use.


CamKix Premium Floating Hand Grip Monopod

This CamKix premium floating hand grip monopod is the best monopods for cameras in 2018. The monopod comes with a wristband which makes it easier to hold the monopod in the hand. This feature of Camkix premium floating hand monopod makes it best suitable monopod for taking pictures while hiking, skydiving, skiing, and swimming. In addition, this monopod comes with a small storage compartment where the photographer can store small things in it.


Amazon Basics 67-inch Monopod

The Amazon Basic 67 inch monopod has four leg sections for which its price is quite reasonable and it has the height of 67 inches. Moreover, this monopod weighs less than one pound and it has the universal mounting area of a just ½ inch for the devices to be connected with it. This monopod forms stability through its spiked rubber feet and it comes with a carrying bag.


Argraph Carbon Fiber Monopod

A carbon fiber monopod is worth spending money on. Due to its composition with carbon fiber, the Argraph carbon fiber monopod is the lightest monopod and tough as well. This monopod has the tendency to support the weigh up to 22 pounds and itself it weighs even less than one pound. Moreover, this tripod comes with a hand grip band which enables the photographer to take stable pictures. Along with that, this monopod is sectioned into 5 parts and can be extended from 15 inches to 60.6 inches. Moreover, this best tripod for cameras 2018 has silicon twist locks which enable the photographer to take stable images and shoot stable videos. It is the best carbon fiber monopod with the best quality and reasonable price.


Vicdozia Adjustable Waterproof Monopod

The Vicdozia adjustable waterproof monopod is the best selfie stick which is composed of aluminium. Moreover, this composition helps the photographer to have a strong grip while taking pictures even in water. It also comes with a wristband which makes it convenient to carry it around with you. In addition, the maximum height of this monopod is 19 inches. This monopod comes with a carrying bag which can help the photographer to carry it around and use it whenever he/ she likes. It shall help in taking group photos or even portraits of your own self.


Selfie World Professional 10-in-1 Monopod

The selfie world professional 10-in-1 monopod is the best professional selfie monopod which is enlisted under best monopods for cameras in 2018. The reason is that this monopod can be connected to many professional devices. Or even with iPhone (with a mount included). This monopod can be a great gift for someone as it has the tendency to extend from 15 to 47 inches. So, taking photos with friends or family while on vacation cannot be a problem anymore. Moreover, one can take pictures of oneself with the help of selfie world professional 10-in-1 monopod.


Aaron Waterproof Extendable Monopod

The Airon waterproof extendable monopod is the best monopods for cameras in 2018 as it is composed of waterproof aluminium. Not only this, but it also comes with the wristband for perfect grip. Moreover, it has the tendency to stretch from 7.25 inches to 19 inches. It has the best feature of rotating at 180-degrees directions. This feature of Aaron can help to change the angle in no time and affirms stability. It is the best monopod for travelers who just love to take photos anytime. Therefore, going for Aaron waterproof extendable monopod shall not be a bad idea at all.


Conclusion: Best Monopods for Cameras 2018

People wonder that why to buy a monopod when they rarely have to use. Well, that is not a good approach while pursuing photography as a career. Having monopod in the photography kit collection shall be as helpful as having the tripod. The reason is that monopods are more easily adjustable. It is a piece of good news for the people who love taking pictures frequently. Moreover, they are easily accessible and light in weight. And if the monopods are available within the budget then buying a monopod would not a bad idea. Therefore, here are the best monopods for cameras in 2018 which shall aid in capturing outstanding images and videos. Moreover, they shall also help in taking a group photo while on vacations with friends or family.

Best Monopods for Cameras 2018


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                       AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

Best Monopods for Cameras 2018

"Bought this amazon basics monopod to use as a go pro pole and it works perfectly. The rubber foot at the end can be removed and you can attach a 1/4-20 threaded rod so you can attach your go pro accessories."

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